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Fraudster Martin Shkreli
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Fraudster Inigo Philbrick
Fraudster Angelo Haligiannis
United States
Fraudster Anna Ayala
United States
Fraudster Ruja Ignatova
Ruse, Bulgaria
Fraudster Simon Leviev
Bnei Brak, Israel
Fraudster Muhammad Bashar Kiwan
Syria - France
Fraudster Mehmet Aydin
Fraudster Melissa Caddick
New South Wales, Australia
Fraudster Anthony Enrique Gignac
Fraudster Elizabeth Holmes
Washington, D.C., U.S
Fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried
Stanford, California, United States

Scammers and fraudsters

Do you like money? Are you constantly thinking about making money in an easy and nonchalant way? Do you fantasize a lifestyle full of luxury vacations? If 'yes' is the answer for the following above questions, then congratulations you have been gifted with the qualities of being scammed and defrauded or being a fraudster and a scammer, but either way you won't be a great human being with those qualities of yours.

"Scammed or defrauded are the people who are been a prey to their inner lusts, incomplete knowledge and in some cases by their innocence and trust" is how the above fraudsters defines you.

"Fraudsters and Scammers are the people who scam or fraud the peoples by using people's interest, exploiting their situation or inducing their inner lusts of amassing an easy wealth, and more importantly fraudsters are not people from any incognito planet but from our fellow regions with identical but clever minds" this is how the fraudster describes themselves.

How you will be scammed or frauded?

Being scammed or frauded will not always start from an internet pop-up or an unregistered mail or a well suited one in many cases. It starts from the unethical thoughts of the ones who are seeing or receiving it, starts from the incompetence knowledge or foolish spur or a blind trust and cynical behavior.

"Yeah, It is always your fault to been fraud"-The crooky ones from the list above.

Most of us might have seen Christian Bale's "American hustle", Leonardo DeCaprio's "Catch me if you can" and "The wolf of wall street". Those are such great movies telling the tales of some of the notorious fraudsters and scammers around the world. They seem to be the protagonist in those movies but in the real world they are fraudsters, scammers and cons who took the money of many innocents and crumbled them to inflation. There are still many movies about the con mans and tricksters around the world we haven't seen yet just like many of the still scamming fraudsters haven't gotten yet.

Fraudsters and scammers are people who commit frauds, scams, con and tricks for their personal upliftment and wealth. They can be as smart as Hawking but not in the area of astrophysics. They might have a super power of being anybody and sometimes cooking up somebody or something as crispy as Kentucky fried chicken.

Smooth talking, identity conning, top class acting, forging of information are some of the fraudsters tricks. These tricks have been executed by some of the biggest fraudsters such as Frank Abagnale Jr., Victor Lustvig and Natwarlal. In which Victor and Natwarlal are most notorious fraudsters who have sold a world wonder each for more than once. The fraudsters like Jordan Belfort swindled millions over investment theft from penny stocks, Charles Ponzi lived a life of luxury with his clever Ponzi scheme that loots new investor's money to the higher up investors and continues its cycle until an economic collapse and an innovative Enron energy company has crafted their own account papers and took their stock in a skyrocket. Ponzi scheme, stock manipulation, insider trading, loan theft, account foraging are some high level fraudster tricks by some biggest fraudsters of corporate.

The fraudsters such as Victor Lustvig, the man who had sold the Eiffel tower twice, Frank Abagnale Jr., the man who had forged a number of checks, drafts and also conned with his miscellaneous identities are considered as few of the greatest fraudsters of all time.

The category of fraudsters doesn't just end up here with a mere selling and foraging. There are some where the fraudsters involve themselves with marriage promises to milk the money. Some will claim them as psychic or spiritual entity and bill you for your prosperous future, such known fraudsters are Gina marks, Ross Marks and Jim Baker. The techniques of fraud and fraudsters never find a way to end if this follows. But still you may need to know about these peoples not for their historical frauds or so clever fraud tricks but for the knowledge about these ambitious hefty frauds who might be still near you.

The fraudsters mentioned in our websites are the one who had committed a fraud or scam already and have exploited so many lives before entering our websites. These infamous frauds might seem like robin hoods but are literally suited thieves who had stolen the hard earned righteous moneys of the most.

So we want the readers of this scammers and fraudsters to be aware before being caught up in a mess of situations.The scheming of fraud or scam in person are common before the 21st century but recently the acts of fraud and scam in the internet had risen uphill.

In society, the scams and frauds can be done in the name of charitable trust, disaster relief funds, job consultancies, low cost sales, real estates, taking surveys and much more. There is no area to except.

You can be scammed by a fake charitable trust because you may be a good human with more charitablity and lesser time to think.You can be scammed by the job consultancies by depositing money for the job because you may be desperate for the job or you can be doubtful in your abilities.

The most of the scam will be made by our incoherent thoughts in ourselves. The scammers or the fraudsters in person are calm, hypnotic and attractive. They basically lure you out by their sweet talks and polishing promises. So here we are providing some tips which might help you being fraud by such fraudsters above.

Evading a scam or fraud is much easier than you think and it lies in the very little things of you.

  • First, being obeservative. Look out every nook and crook of things and people that approaches you.

  • Second, being skeptical. Have a pair of doubtful eyes towards flashy offers and promises.

  • Third, being informative. Keep your ears keen to news and stories about scamming incidents around you and abroad just like reading our fraudster database time to time. Constantly update your knowledge about the things you want and use from various resources.

  • Fourth, being moral. Hold your urges for an easy wealth. Have a high morale within you.

The above points might help you to identify and avoid a fraud or scam. Apart from those there is much more you can do to avoid being scammed.Try to have a healthy mindset about you and project them towards the ones around you. Try to see the people in need and lend them a hand to help, you might be a needy person but you can be surplus of something needed for them. Don't forget that nobody in the world is needless.

Try to appreciate yourselves and your fellow being for their little accomplishments. You might be lonely and vulnerable sometimes during those periods try to indulge yourself in a healthy hobby and spend your time in improving yourself. In other simpler words try to be a good human being. These advices may seem like the ones with a vulnerable personality. Keep in mind, the targets of the fraudsters are always vulnerable people.

"The act of fraud can only end when the world is out of fraudsters and hopelessly it never happens, so be aware everywhere"