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Psychic Scams

A play with your emotions:

Reading the personal aura of others is an exclusive ability of the gifted physics and they do it out of their own will to help people and make them communicate with their deceased loved ones. But the sad truth is that the psychics or psychic mediums are facing a downfall nowadays, due to some scammers, who take advantage on emotionally vulnerable people, who are facing troubles personally and professionally. The psychic scam involves tricking genuine persons to give away their money with a promise of a help in return. These physic fraudsters rip off the helpless innocents and

Beware of psychic Scams
make huge money out of them cunningly. We are here to raise the warning flags against such cold blooded con artists, who are involved in sneaky psychic scam.

Psychic scammers make you unstable:

The scammers create a fake psychic website and wait for the victims, if they found that anyone has visited their site, these criminals track that person's email address and ask for personal information such as star sign and date of birth with a promise of doing an astrology reading for free of cost. After getting the details, with the help of the astrology projection in local newspaper, they tell their own fake foresights to make you believe that they have sound knowledge in astrology and physic study. Mean while, they will cook up another story telling that you are under the spell of some evil spirit or curse that brings you bad luck and they also come up with an offer of removing it for a reasonable price. If you get to believe these sham operators, then you will be left buying a useless crystal, potion or candle that is completely worthless for a huge price.

Psychic scam

In some cases, the scammers might promise you to put spell on someone to make that person do something for you such as falling in love with you, giving up on a legal dispute or hiring you for a job. It is sure that these practices are ineffective but the phonies make it sound in such a way you believe that and pay a lump sum amount to it. Another trickiest form of psychic scam is that the healing technique scams, where the scammers approach you telling that they will heal you completely and makes you pure and pious for a price that costs around thousands of dollars. These ways the scammers are eating the hard earned money of the innocents and make them unstable mentally and financially.
Psychic scam

Ways to figure out the fraudsters and avoid psychic scams:

A genuine psychic will never ask any personal information such as star sign or date of birth as such details are needed only for astrology not in Psychic study, if your psychic asks any personal information, then you have not landed at right place. A real and legitimate psychic will never evoke your fear by speaking about evil spirits, energies or other negative issues such as fatal accidents and unexpected deaths; if your ward does so, then it clearly indicates that he is a scammer. So never believe any psychic stories blindly and also check the credentials of the psychics before approaching them. Though the psychic scam list goes on taking many forms like psychic letter scams and psychic email scams, it can be rooted out with proper awareness and skeptical nature of thinking.
How the scam works

Protect yourself from scam

Points to remember

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