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Job Scams

The Fraternity of bogus job offers:

In this competitive world, getting placed in a job is not an easy task so everyone is keen on utilizing each and every opportunity that they get. With an intention of finding a genuine job, graduates may send their resumes to several companies; include their profile in job portals and even not leave the TV and newspaper advertisements.
Job scams
Job scams
This hassle of job seekers is becoming favor to a set of job scam operators, who take advantage on fresh graduates and even experienced professionals, with an ultimate goal of getting them ripped off. These scammers make you fall into their trick by making upbeat promises about your chances of employments and make you pay for the job that you will ever get. Below, we have disclosed the most common job scams that often threat the innocent job seekers.

Job scams
Job scams

Red flags that indicate job scams:

Requesting payments to get you hired:

Scammers' approach you with high pay job offering that often don't exist telling that you are the perfect candidate that they are searching for and you are meeting their search criteria exactly. These con artists first allure you with their fake promises and once you get convinced with their speech, they will slowly unveil their trick by asking you pay money for the training materials and other paper works that are truly illegitimate, once you pay for it you will never see that money again and the fraudulent job provider too.

Asking credit card and bank account information

Job scammers are too tricky than any other scammers, they make you believe that it is a genuine employment offer and sometimes to an extreme case, they will even cheat you saying that you are hired without interview as you have good scores in your academics. If you decide to take up their offer, cunningly they will ask your bank account details and credit card details upfront for paying you the salary that you will never receive.

Call letter from non business e-mail address:

Genuine companies will have their company's name as the ending of their e-mail address. If you are getting a call letter from any non company email address that uses Hotmail or Gmail extension, then you need to double check its credentials.

Interview through IM:

Most of the companies will recruit candidates through direct face to face interview while some uses telephonic or sky interviews for the recruitment but no company will ask you to take up the interview via IM. In case you come across any such job offering kindly ignore it as this clearly indicates that it is a job scam.

Shield yourselves from job scams:

Get the full details and check the authenticity of the company that knocks your door with placement offer, before making a deal. Never take up the job offer that arrives with an attractive salary package that is quite greater than the normal since most scammers use this financial weapon to get you trapped. Never disclose your credit card and other personal information until you visit the company directly and make sure that it is a legitimate one. Until you believe them, these job scammers will scam you since your blind trust on them is their biggest strength. People's desire to get quick jobs without much effort and to earn more in short period of time is the reason that gets them victimized in job scams. So always search for a job that fits your qualification and efficiency in genuine way.

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