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Public Sector Scams

Cyber criminals are spinning their nets wonderfully and are targeting the group those who are innocent. Elderly and new entrants to the internet and mails fall prey to these types of criminal network since they are unaware of these types of criminal activities on the internet. Scammers compile a sophisticated data through a medium which will have name, email address and other such particulars. After compiling the data they will shoot hundreds of mails and SMS to the public. If the recipient replies to the mail providing the banking details the scammer will immediately siphon off the
Beware of Public Sector Scams

money. Hundreds of elderly and pensioners were cheated in the past by these types of scammers. So, the public should be extremely alert and cautious while communicating with the third person. Scams related to public sector banks are increasingly become popular and lots of people are falling prey to these types of intelligent scams. In these types of scams that criminals will approach the leading bank and request for a huge commercial loan. They submit the forged documents which will look like original ones.

Public sector scams exploit trust in government entities, targeting individuals and businesses with deceptive schemes. Impersonating officials, scammers use fear or urgency to trick victims. Fake government websites and phishing attempts mimic official channels, collecting personal information or fraudulent payments. Tax and grant scams promise benefits in exchange for fees or details. Social benefit scams prey on vulnerable individuals seeking assistance. Government contract fraud and fake job postings exploit businesses and job seekers. To safeguard against public sector scams, verify official communications through legitimate channels, be skeptical of unsolicited contacts, use secure government websites, and report suspicious activity promptly. Awareness and education play critical roles in preventing the financial and personal repercussions of these scams.

Public sector expertise

Bankers will thoroughly inspect the documents and will offer huge loan amount which will run to several million dollars to the scammer. Scammer will abscond with the money and will never contact the bank after thereafter. Scams related to public sector employment are also making the rounds throughout the world. In these types of job scams, the perpetrator will pose himself as a recruitment specialist and post an ad in the leading newspapers or in the websites stating that many prominent public sector banks are offering full time, casual labor or part time jobs to the public. Many will believe the advertisement and pay several dollars to the culprits. After amassing very big sum the scammer will run away with the money putting the public in deep mental agony. Scammers those who are tricking the people are highly educated and tech savvy. Many government sectors are fighting against the scams and phishing and up to some extent they have succeeded in curbing these dangerous scams. Scams related to public sector business are also making the rounds. Scams related to public sector select list is different and interesting. Scammers will pose himself as a government or bank official and send mails to the target group stating that "We are happy to inform you that you are selected as a vendor cum supplier in our esteemed organization and you have to immediately pay a nominal amount for processing your application". Scammers will also change the words according to their whims and fantasies. Many have lost their money to these types of scammers in the past. So, the vendors, the suppliers and the commoners should follow the below guidelines to while transacting business in the mails:
  • Never deposit the money or provide personal details like name, address, date of birth, social security number, bank account and other such credentials to the third person or fraudsters.
  • Decide not to reply to these types of mails
  • Escalate the issue to the concerned vigilance department or other cyber cell
  • Request the scammer to call him over the phone or invite him in the social sites so that the commoner can see their faces. Scammer will never contact the public after that

Scam at public sectors

Scams related to public sector pages will be slightly different

Scammers will pose like yellow pages expert and inform the person that they are re-engaging workers for the company and request the innocent victim to pay the amount. They will swindle the money and runaway. So, make it a point not to share the personal and financial details to the third person.

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Public sector scam through billing

Report of statistics scam
public sector email
public sector mail

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