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Modeling Scams

How Modeling Scams Work

Somebody stops you at the shopping mall/center and says you could be a model. Individuals have constantly said you're attractive, and the thought of a charming vocation is tricky to stand up to.

Modeling scam
However when you appear for a catch up arrangement, you end up in an office with different hopefuls. When you at last get your turn, you discover that what you thought was a prospective employee meet-up with a demonstrating or ability office is truly a high-weight deals pitch for displaying or acting classes, screen tests, or photograph shoots that can run in cost from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

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We have compiled a list of several reliable online scam fighting agencies to help you keep up to date on current and past modeling alert scams and its types.
Modeling Scam
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The modeling industry is growing day by day, opening prospective opportunities for everyone out there who is aspiring to become a model. But on the darker side, there is a whole new industry that is developing to take advantage of people who are ready to invest in making their dreams come true. Modeling scam is another popular growing scam industry that works by alluding and promising great careers in modeling by making the innocent users pay huge amounts.
Modeling scam agencies prey upon user's hopes and dreams of becoming a successful modeling star, betting their lack of knowledge about how the modeling industry works. Modeling scams are increasing in the same pace in which the modeling industry is growing. Modeling scam industries run in two different categories. One, which entirely scam the innocent user's money; and the other, that will take the user's money and give little in return.
Modeling scam agencies

How modeling scams operate:

There is a common way in which these modeling scam operate. The basis of modeling scam agencies is fraud and illegal activities. They have no intention of delivering what they guarantee the user for. They only make big promises and ask of a huge sum of money from the users who desire to see themselves as models. Modeling agencies vanish once they have scammed quite a number of users of their money.
Modeling agencies that fall under the type 2 categories are those that are trying to conduct a legitimate modeling business but are just not doing it the right way. The problem with these modeling agencies is that they have no idea of how the industry works. They try to run stable by introducing what is called as modeling school, finishing school and modeling classes. They charge huge fee from the users in the name of training.
Users need to beware of modeling scam schemes and need to wisely invest their time and money in modeling agencies.
Talent scout scam

Warning signs of Modeling Scam:

Below mentioned are certain points that will help a user identifying whether a modeling agency/prospect is a scam or not. It does not necessarily mean that any business that falls under the understated points is a scam, but it just means that the user needs to have good knowledge about the company and should double check before investing on their career with their company.

•   Any modeling agency that advertises on newspapers, classifieds may not be a legitimate company.
•   Many agencies try to advertise famous super models in their ads, and claim that they are associated with their agency in order to attract candidates. But in reality, these super models may not be a part of such small modeling agency.
•   Asking for advance fee is another common trait that scam modeling agencies adopt. The ask for money in the name of signing fee, new account deposit fees, evaluation fees etc. when an agency focuses on too much of advance fee payment, it means that they do not have enough funds that will suffice running the agency.
•   Initial shoot cost is another name in which these modeling agencies ask for money from their candidates. Legitimate modeling agencies do not charge talented models for shoots. Instead they can suggest you with a number of professional photographers to whom you can go on your own, rather than paying the modeling agency.
•   A modeling agency that forces their candidates to undergo special training before they are hired, are sure to suspect for scam.
•   Any modeling agency that guarantees you work irrespective of anything should be carefully verified and examined as no modeling agency can guarantee employment. Modeling industry has its own rules on which its runs.
Spot a modeling scam

Common claims that scam modeling agencies make:

  • "We're scouting for people with your 'look' to model and act."

  • "Your deposit is totally refundable."

  • "You must be specially selected for our program. Our talent experts will carefully evaluate your chances at success in the field and will only accept a few people into our program."

  • "There's a guaranteed refund if you're not accepted into the program."

  • "You can't afford our fees? No problem. You can work them off with the high-paying jobs we'll get you."

  • "Commissions from our clients are our major source of income."

Modeling scam, Rip offs and bad business

Examples of modeling scams:

Some scam offers in modeling industry are easy to spot. Unprofessional scammers are unable to frame a proper prospectus to the candidates and hence it becomes very evident that there is something wrong with the offer.

Modelling Scam Fake Auditions

Below is the story describing a modeling scam company that vanished overnight, after charging the super models an advance fee of $500 in the name of makeup fees. It is also observed that the company initially lured its candidates by providing them airline vouchers, job guarantee cards and much more, which turned out to be bogus in the end.

Modelling Scam Operation

Below screenshot is another example of a "could be modeling scam". Candidates need to be very careful when they come across any such agencies.

Modelling Scam Registration Process

Example of modeling offer – scam!

Below is an example of a letter received, from a real life victim of modeling scam. The story describes how it all started with a small newspaper ad, a small fee for shoot photos and how it all went on to become a rip-off modeling scam.

Modelling Scam Registration Process

Variations in modeling scams:

Scammers have figured out that all the people out there who want to make quick money becoming actors and models do not have sound knowledge of how the industry actually works. And it is easy for such criminals and fraudsters to scam these aspiring to be models.

Modelling Scam Fake Casting Call

Scammers generally mislead the users by a casting call. They call you saying you have been chosen for casting in so and so channel for a so and so show. They try to scam you by charging up-front fees from you. Such casting call scams are very popular and often cheat the innocent users by charging audition fee from them.

Modelling Scam Bait and Switch

Another loop hole through which sites scammers try to attract candidates towards their modeling scam agency is through advertising in popular websites. They run online scam websites that appear to be too legitimate to users who want to pursue their career in modeling industry. These sites are increasing in number day by day, and they pop up every time you are on the internet.

Modelling Scam Scammy Profile Sites

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