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Child Benefit Scams

Scamming activities on the internet has reached a stage where the police authorities and cyber crime department have to act swiftly and arrest the perpetrators who are putting the public into extreme fear. Millions of scam mails are making round throughout the world and keeps the public in tizzy. Most of the scammers those who are operating from other countries will not go beyond their limits when the public are unconcerned or not replying to their mails. But there are few dangerous scammers who will not stop with minimal criminal activities
Beware of Child Benefit Scams
but will go beyond their limits and harass the common people. Escaping from these types of criminal networks will be an extreme challenge for the commoners unless and otherwise the cyber crime department takes proper action against these dangerous criminals those who are operating from far corners of the earth. Scams related to child benefits are becoming popular these days and hitting the headlines regularly. Recently the popular scam of Rebecca Jones was in the headlines for negative reasons. This lady who is 32 years old claimed to have eleven children looted more than 10000 pounds in the name of tax credits from various people and used it for moving from one house to the other. Judge took pity on this woman and spared jail sentence but ordered strict supervision.
A fraudster who registered has been jailed
Benefit scams related to child is gaining momentum in social websites like Face book and twitter. Scammers will send a mail to the public requesting them to provide the following details:
• Name of the child
• Date of birth
• Gender
• Height and weight during birth

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Public are warned not to reply to these mails since it may be from the desk of scammers those are operating locally or internationally from some other foreign land. Though these types of mails are making the round it is not still clear whether these are scam mails or ordinary mails. But the people should never provide any personal information to the third parties without seeing them face to face. It might be scams related to child benefit where the scammers may send these mails with illegal mindset. Never reciprocate to these types of mails even if you are put into extreme pressure by the perpetrators. Scams related to child benefit are steadily increasing and the public have to be very careful while opening these mails or while reply to it. They should never deposit any money to the third parties without a background check or knowing their authenticity. There are lots of benefit scams related to child such as agency fraud and overpayment fraud. The scammer will pose themselves as agency and will send a letter to the public claiming disability, career's allowance and other such non-existing allowances. General public should never reciprocate to these types of mails since it might be from the desk of scammers. Scammers will think intelligently and build a wonderful strategy to attack the innocent victim. Corporate departments and individuals should never spare their financial or personal details to strangers or third parties. Scammers will try to trick in many ways but the public should never fall into their trap.
Mothers are missed out from Insurance records

Child benefits

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