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Heritage scammers

Heritage scammers are peoples who scams or frauds their bloodline, inheritance and identity to profit themselves. The history has a vast number of heritage scammers around the world. The days in history before the digital technological era doesn't had internet, fingerprint reader, a reaffirming media and not even a large cultural database which made a great advantage for those heritage scammers to fraud the people around them with their royal false identity claims and nationality scams. These heritage frauds are imposters who pretended and lived as their claims for most of their lives.

Royal heritage scammers:

The heritage scammer's history is mostly flooded with scammers who claimed royal heritage in the pursuit of royal possession. The scammers go long back in time at Europe and Russia.

Mary Carleton is one such scammer in Europe during the 17th century who claimed to be a German princess and married of as much noble men as possible and ran off with their wealth. From the events, she seems to be a beautiful and clever woman who even once convinced the magistrate that she is innocent and avoided imprisonment but later been captured and executed.

Just like her there is another con lady who lived a carefree life with a royal pension until her dead. She is Helga De La Brache from 19th century Sweden. She made up her as a secret daughter born to King Gustav IV of Sweden and Queen Frederica of Baden.

In some cases the pretenders are created to raise conflict and confusions among the state. One such event in 1487 England, Lambert Sinmell is an innocent 10 year old boy who happens to have the resemblance of King Edward V. Sinmell happens to be seen by Richard Symonds an Oxford saint and Fallen King Edward V's supporter. Symonds longed for the title of kingmaker and thus made Lambert as the Son of deceased King Edward and crowned him as King Edward VI the next king of British and created a conflict to steal the crown from Henry VII's head.

Here Symonds is the schemer and Lambert is a scammer whose efforts to capture the English throne are suppressed in the battle of Stokefield. While Symonds had been killed in the battle field, Lambert was given a chance to lead a life in the kitchens of the royal court for his innocence.

Anna Gyllander, Harry Domela and Mary Baynton are some other heritage scammers from Europe who scammed as royal inheritors.Now getting to the next, the heritage scammers list in Russia is much bigger than Europe. Especially the Romanov's of Russia have thousands of pretenders in the 20th century and even before them also there had been heritage scammers who posed great dangers to the throne of Russia.

Yelizaveta Alekseyevna Tarakanova or Princess Tarakanova is a beautiful mysterious woman who claimed her as the daughter Empress Elizabeth of Russia in 1770 even though the Empress is unmarried. She was supported by the polish rebels. This posed as threat to the throne of Great Catherine II of Russia who was in the verge of coup d'état. But eventually she was imprisoned and died and still her origin is seems a mystery.

False Dmitry is the term used to represent the scammers or pretenders who pretended as the eldest son of Ivan the terrible from 1598 to 1613 to capture the Tsar of Russia. The timeline from 1598 to 1613 termed as the time of troubles in Russia with much number of pretenders to the throne until the enthronement of Michael I of Romanov's family.

In the Russian Civil war of 1918 the Romanov's family was brutally killed. Tsar Nicholas II had been killed with his wife Alexandra and daughters Grand Duchess Anastasia and Maria. At that time due to the unavailability of conclusive evidence about the bodies of Grand Duchess Maria and Anastasia, a rumor of them escaped spread like a wildfire. The rumor thus spiked a number of pretenders of escaped Maria and Anastasia around the world.

Not all of them had gotten attention but a few of them had confused a large number people and gained their support and such examples are Anna Anderson, Eugenia Smith pretending as Anastasia and Marga Boodts, Granny Alina pretending as Maria. Anatoly Ionov went ahead and claimed him as the son of Anastasia. The claim for the Romanov's was very high because the fortune left by the Romanov's sums upto $300 billion. Larger the fortune larger the scammers.

Thus the royal heritage scammers mostly scam to amass the royal possession.

Identity Heritage scammers:

Apart from royal claim frauds there are scammers out there claiming false nationality to improve their popularity and support among the people.

Grey Owl is an author, national conservationist and fur trapper of English origin famous for his writing about the Native American tribes claimed himself as an origin of Ojibwa tribe for his popularity and personal growth.

Helen Darville is an Australian writer who claimed herself as an ancestry of Ukraine in her book for the publicity.

Hilaria Baldwin, the beautiful wife of a famous Actor Alec Baldwin claimed her as a Spanish origin but later got diminished when a video of her speaking Spanish circled the internet.

Just like the peoples above, Iron Eyes Cody, Jamake Highwater and Andrea Smith of America falsely claimed themselves as the ancestry of Cherokee tribe. Apart from the scammers above, there are still people out there scamming their heritage with us. If you happen to identify them, don't forget to repot them on our website. And constantly check our heritage scammers in to keep you updated about the scammers out there.

Now a day, the heritage scams had a heavy drop with development data storages, strong research media and technology which suppressed the advantages of the scammers of the paper era. But still keep your senses sharp because the scammers are full of tricks and traps.