Scammer Richard Allen Minsky 

Fraudster Richard Allen Minsky 


Name: Richard Allen Minsky
Other Name: Dennis,Paul Davidson,Kenneth Miller,Robert Miller,Richard Alan Minsky
Born: 1944
whether Dead or Alive:
Age: 77
Country: American
Occupation: Used car salesman
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges:
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 146 years to life in prison
Known For:

Description :

Richard Allen Minsky

Richard Allen Minsky is a cruel fraudster who preyed on hundreds of women. More than a scammer he is a sadistic individual who attacked, assaulted and raped numerous women. He selects his targets randomly from the phone book, calls them and speaks to them in a husky voice which leads the victim to spell out their loved one’s name. He later addresses himself as an attorney with his mimicking skills and tells the victim that their loved one had done a hit and run accident which will lead them to a prison sentence of 2 years and he tells the victims that it can be evaded if the evidence is compensated.

The evidence will be none other than him. He, as the evidence asks the meeting victim to have sex with him as compensation and sometimes forces his way onto them. He was caught numerous times for his sexual offends and assaults but was evaded the prison sentence as the victims were traumatized to speak against him. At last, in the year 1999, at the age of 55, “he was charged 146 years in prison when eight women assaulted by him decided to speak against him.”

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