Scammer Gaston Means 

Fraudster Gaston Means 


Name: Gaston Means
Other Name: Gaston Bullock Means
Born: 1879
whether Dead or Alive: 1938
Age: 59
Country: U.S
Occupation: Private detective, salesman, author, bootlegger, forger, swindler, murder suspect, blackmailer, con
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges:
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 146 years to life in prison
Known For:

Description :

Gaston Means

Gaston Means is an American fraudster responsible for many scams and scandals during the early 20th century. In early days, Means being born in a wealthy family scammed the people around him for fun which later become his full time job in the society. He started his con man path as a private detective of J. Burn's detective agency. Means' first well known victim was Maude King, a wealthy widow whom he swindled with the deception of helping her out from her conspirators. She later met a mysterious death while on a shooting trip with Means, for which Means was trialed but got ruled out as innocent. Means then travelled to Washington D.C with J. Burns to help the administrations of then president, President Harding where he met his future conning partner Jess Smith.

In the year 1924, when bootleggers of whole America had been struggling under the Prohibition act, Means and Jess Smith plotted to exploit the already illegal bootleggers illegally by protecting them from law with a price. Means bagged in his pockets around $60,000 per day but his scheme later went down with the arrests of bootleggers. Means got indicted and was sentenced to two years of prison in the year 1924 with a fine of $10,000. In prison he created his next fraud by authoring a book about Harding's death which accused Harding's wife as the murderer.“ After his release from the prison he orchestrated his next scam by acting as rescuing the kidnapped infant Lindbergh for $100,000 but was soon convicted by the officials and sentenced to prison where he died eventually as a meanest grifter.”

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