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Cross Border Scams

International crimes and frauds are in the rise and hundreds of innocent victims have lost millions of dollars to these unknown perpetrators those who are operating from alien lands. Scammers pose themselves as legitimate governmental staffs or revenue authorities and send a mail to the public requesting them to provide their credit card numbers and other such personal information. When the recipients' replies to these mails, the scammers will take advantage of the situation and use the credit card number and pin for siphoning off huge amounts from the innocent victim. These types of scams related to cross border will only increase multifold when the cyber police wing do not take proper actions against them. But it becomes a big challenge for the Interpol and police authorities to locate the criminals since they widen their network and follow legal methods while siphoning off the money from the public. They will send mails which will look like an official correspondence and also intelligently direct the people to several other websites which will look like official websites and as a final step will

Beware of Cross Border Scams
request the people to send the money through wired transfers. So, all the methods adopted by the perpetrators will be legal. But the intention of the scammers is to steal thousands of dollars from the innocent victims.
Cross border fraud
Most of the scammers operating from the third world countries and other far flung countries are think tanks and operate intelligently to cheat the commoners. But intelligent people often escape from their eyes and never share their personal information. Only innocent people fall victim to these criminal networks those who are operating from different countries. Scams with respect to cross border especially fees for job offerings is gaining momentum. Hundreds of construction workers those who were working in various construction divisions of Hong Kong lost to the tune of almost HK$ 900000 to the job racketeers. Scammers those who operated from Philippines sent mails to civil workers promising jobs for everyone in their country. Innocent civil workers believed the words of the scammers and paid the deposit amount that was requested by the intelligent scammers. After receiving an amount of HK$900000 they disappeared into thin winds. Public are warned not to reply to the mails received from the scammers or strangers operating from different countries.
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