Scammer Earl Brian 

Fraudster Earl Brian 


Name: Earl Brian
Other Name: Earl Winfrey Brian, Jr.
Born: 1942
whether Dead or Alive: 2020
Age: 79
Country: United States
Occupation: Director of California's Department of Health Care Services
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges:
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: Life in prison, New York State; Life in prison,?California
Known For:

Description :

Earl Brian

Earl Brian or Earl Winfrey Brian Jr is an American doctor, businessman and a convicted fraudster. Brian after serving as a Doctor in the America military held the position of Secretary in the California health services for some time and had wanted to open his own firm in the path of medical technology which was his speciality.

He established a venture capital company called Biotech in 1980, to invest in new medical technologies and later renamed it as Infotechnology and eventually bought Finance News Network in the year 1990. He was later filed for bankruptcy in 1991 and was convicted of accounting fraud. He was sentenced to four years with restitution fees and later died in the year 2020.

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