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Church scam traps adventure trust and expense their victimized people a huge number of dollars consistently, to such an extent that one state has named one mixed bag of this sort of wrongdoing its number one trick.
Religious proclivity extortion likewise keeps on being an across the board issue. Furthermore swindlers who go after individuals of their own religion come in all groups.
Church Scams

Some elderly speculators were tricked into purchasing fake promissory notes by three men, two protection executors and a speculation guide, who frequently got on their knees and supplicated with their victimized people to addition their trust.
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We have compiled a list of several reliable online scam fighting agencies to help you keep up to date on current and past church alert scams and its types.
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Church service and scam

All that you need to know about church scam :

Scam in the name of religion is no new to the technique of scams that scammers adopt to swindle money from innocent users. One such technique is church scam. Scammers trap the trust and belief that users have in god. Church scammers swindle huge number of dollars from users in the name of religion.
The trust, belief and faith that innocent users have in religion and the place of worship, has opened up innumerable avenues for scammers to perform evil deception. The most common scam in the name of religion is church scam. Church scam is performed when a group of people in the same religion and place of worship are fooled by scammers to part huge amounts of money in the name of religion or some fake profitable investment plan operated by the church, temple or mosque.
Any scam that is done in the name of religion at a temple, a church, mosque or members of congregation is collectively known as church scam.
Church scam

Did you know about Church Scams?

In one of the nationwide religious scams, church goers have said to lost more than $50 million dollars in a phony bullion gold scheme, promoted in prayer halls claiming them huge returns.
Religious scams target members from the church, congregation, temple or mosque and swindle money in the name of god.

scam alert

Most common forms of church scam :

Nigerian church scam:

The most common form of church scam is the Nigerian church scam. This Nigerian church scam is also popularly known in the name of Nigerian letter scam. Nigerian scammers approach members of the church, asking them to transfer the inheritance money from one bank to another. They usually show problems in the name of wire transfers. Nigerian church scammers address themselves as pastors and fathers of popular churches and ask for help to the members of the church in Nigerian letters sent to them randomly. These letters appear to be legitimate to any common man. Nigerian church scams are on the rise and users need to be very careful when responding to such letters.
donation receipt

Church scams – leaving churches in huge debt:

Another form of church scam is when; scammers approach a church offering them costly leases and making them sign bonds which appear to be free to the church. But in the end churches are left with hundreds of dollars in debt after being associated with these costly leases for equipment which they thought was free. The church is then dragged into legal formalities to settle down the debt. Scammers do not leave any opportunity to swindle money from religious organizations.

Affinity church scam:

Affinity church scam is another popularly used form of scam by church scam artists. The term affinity means a shred understanding, interest or belief. Scammers pretend to share their viewpoint with the members of the church, or any other religious organization in the manner of religious slogans, divine guidance and so on and invite them to invest their money in schemes that reap no benefit to the investors. Most common schemes are the ponzi scheme, the pyramid scam scheme etc. the affinity church scam is the most popular type of church fraud that was reported in Arizona in the year 2009.
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The sob story church scam:

Church scams operate at a personal level involving less money from huge number of people. Scammers join a church in the name of religion and faith, and try to lure the members of the church or the congregation with appearing to be legitimate sad stories of their life and family. They narrate tragedies and struggle in their life and ask for church funds and other sources of financial support from the church. Contributions, donations and church money come handy for the scammer who gains trust of the church members and finally disappears once the scam is successful.

The free equipment offers – church scam:

Scammers introduce schemes where churches and other religious organizations can use equipments at free or cut price offers from their firms. Most common forms are advertising for such offers are done in newspapers and pamphlets. Most equipment involves computers, photo copy machines, and other technological equipments that are very costly for a religious organization to buy. Scammers print hidden costs in agreement or lease. Churches that sign these agreements and leases are bound to pay the costs printed, and are hence a subject to church scam.
Church scam

Church scam

Other common forms of church scams:

There are many different methodologies adopted by scammers which users need to be aware of:

• Scammers hijack the official church's email account to send phony messages asking to wire transfer money from one account to the other.

• The scammer orders equipments and materials in the name of church, leaving the church congregation to pay huge amounts.

• A pyramid scheme called as "gifting scheme" where church members are asked to donate small gifts in the hope of getting the same in return.

• Door to door services done by scammers in the name of church or religious group. Phony church goers charge advance payments in the name of meal deliveries, clothes etc for the needy which actually never arrive.

• Selling of products in the name of god that do religious benefits to the members, is another form of scam technique adopted by scammers.

• Church Cults, another form of church scam under the guise of some faith that recruits members and convinces the members of the church to hand over all their possessions in the name of god.

Tips to avoid church scams:

  • Never wire or donate cash for any letter sent from a church.

  • Always read the agreement and lease for equipment use schemes.

  • Churches always need to verify with their records for any individual having to claim their association with the church.

  • Do not pay heed to financial schemes in churches from unknown members.

Church Scam everywhere. Beware!

The below screenshot is an example where the hanover county office makes the users aware of a common church fraud that is circulating in local area churches. The story reports a fake call from a scammer who said he was associated with church and was in need of money.

Worship Watch Church Scam

Real life examples of church scams:

The below screenshot is an example of a church scam where the bishop and elder members of the church were caught in land scam. They were said to have involved in million dollar shilling land scam.

Church Scam Elders and Bishops

Below is another example of church scam in Los Angeles, where the church pastor was sentenced to 180 months imprisonment for having scammed 14.2 million dollars in medi-care fraud scheme.

Los Angeles Church Scam

Other popular examples of church scam:

Brilliant scam – bishop T.D Jakes:

The below image is an extract of the "women thou art loose cash" scheme that is run by the bishop scammer where millions of people are getting scammed year after year.

Brilliant Bishop Church Scam

The miracle soap – church scam:

Another scammer bishop E Benard Jordan circulated a begging letter at He had scammed many in the church circle, selling what is called as miracle soaps. The members paid $300 per soap bar to the bishop, believing it to be the miracle soap. According to the scammer bishop, this soap was designed to cleanse the spirit and soul of the individual who used it.

Miracle Soap Church Scam

Fake funding church scam:

The below screenshot is another example of church scam, where the members of the church were asked to finance the credit union of a famous church with donations. The scammers of this church scam scheme were successful in scamming the innocent users for 48 long months. The adopted the scheme of community banking, as a wealth building tool for the body of Christ.

Fake Funding Church Scam

Wealth transfer church scam:

In this famous church scam, the members were asked to transfer all or part of their wealth to the church, assuming that god would double the donated wealth in thin air. The famous church scam is completely covered on youtube in the name of wealth transfer scam. The pastor of the church makes dominating points from the scriptures, in order to make the members of the church and the congregation believes that this is a work of god and they are chosen to transfer their wealth.

Wealth Transfer Church Scam

Gambling church scam:

The following is an example of church scam where the pastor convinced the members of new birth missionary Baptist church to invest in what appeared to be illegal gambling venues. The members and followers of the church entrusted him their money every time this pastor visited the church expecting returns. The pastor guaranteed profitable returns to the members of the church.

Gambling Church Scam

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