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Name: Valery
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Born: 12.03.1990
whether Dead or Alive:
Age: 33
Country: USA
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Based on our experiences of dealing with Valery Abu-Eid from Mercurian Solutions we would strongly advise you do not deal with this individual or company.
Valery took payment for a project and promised the work would be completed in 3 months. He failed to complete the work, and made excuse after excuse as to why it was not completed.
We believe his company is a fraud and a scam because when threatened with legal action if he did not provide the work we had paid for he agreed to enter into a settlement agreement where it acknowledged he and his company had been at fault.
The terms of the settlement agreement for Valery Abu-Eid from Mercurian Solutions was that they would refund all fees paid. When the date for refund was due he made another excuse as to why he could not pay the refund.
From our experience of dealing with Valery Abu-Eid from Mercurian Solutions he talks a very good game but unfortunately is not capable of meeting his promises. We believe this was a fraudulent transaction. Valery continued to make representations to us that were false and would say anything to get out of the position he put himself in. Has anyone else had the same experience as us?
If you are looking at building crypto exchange or any other Fintech software solution stay away from Valery Abu-Eid from Mercurian Solutions as we believe we are not the only company this has happened to. They are a start up company with very few staff. He tried to show that he was part of a large office however after being scammed by this individual we identified the office he was part of was in fact an office he was employed at and was not the office of his company.
After many attempts to resolve this with Valery Abu-Eid from Mercurian Solutions we have been left with no other option but to report the alleged fraudulent behaviour to the police. This is because when we asked for our money back he said he would just close the company down rather than pay us. This shows just the type of individual you are dealing with
We would be very interested to know if anyone else has had any bad experiences with Valery Abu-Eid from Mercurian Solutions because based on our experiences he is fraud and a scam artists and I hope when the police investigate this matter they will come to the same conclusion as us.

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