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Telstra Scams

Ripandscam continues to alarm the users and spread awareness of various types of scam tricks adopted by scammers in order to cheat the innocent users. Telstra scam is one such popular scam that is gaining popularity in the recent months.

The ever growing scam industry has targeted the famous Telstra internet infrastructure. Famous and popular brand names have always been the target of scammers, as many users easily believe calls from professional and popular brand services. These scammers often claim to be representative of popular service providers and swindle money from the users of the service. Telstra service is one among the popular target by scammers.

Telstra internet infrastructure service is warning users of Telstra services about the Telstra scam that is gaining popularity. Telstra warns users not to attend or respond to calls that claim to inform service defects in Telstra internet infrastructure services.

How Telstra Scam works:

Scammers are calling residential users of Telstra services and raising a false alarm that the internet service that they are using is at risk and there is a huge chance of their computer being hacked. The call is made by professional scammers so that there is no risk involved of doubts. Some users who do not verify the caller blindly end up believing the call. Scammers send representatives claiming to be from Telstra and charge a minimal fee for repairing the risk associated with the internet service.

Some scammers also insist on installing software that will protect the user's computer from any further risk. They intelligently charge a minimal fee for the software service as well. Users of Telstra service that are unaware of such scam practices, end up registering for these software service and pay up the scammers to fix the internet service.

Some common signs of Telstra scams:

  • Users receive a call from an unknown source claiming that there is a problem with their internet connection or computer.
  • Scammers claim that the internet service that they are using is disconnected immediately.
  • Scammers threaten the users saying that the computer is hacked.
  • Common false claims made by scammers are that the Telstra internet infrastructure is attacked by malware and that needs to be fixed immediately in order to avoid risk.
  • Scammers often claim to fix the issue on the spot.
Certain users who try to authenticate and cross check with Telstra service, their calls are redirected to the scammers back. These scammers are professionally trained to create a sense of urgency to incite fear and anxiety that the user's internet and the computer are at risk.

Ways to avoid Telstra Scam:

Beware of telstra scams

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