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Bank Refund Scams

Sharing the Personal Information Will Prove Dangerous:

Hundreds of scams are doing the rounds in the world and the scammers use sophisticated methods such as mails, phones and other communication mediums as a weapon to trick the innocent people. It is believed that hundreds of scammers are operating from African and European countries and their only motive is to swindle millions of dollars from the innocent people and run away with it. Though there are no foolproof methods to stop this menace the customers using the mails should be very cautious while replying to the mails they receive from the strangers. The latest and the most popular scam that is becoming a challenge for the cyber security experts are Bank refund scam.
Bank Refund Fee Scams
Bank refund scam
In this type of scam the scammers will pose as government officials and send mails to various customers informing that they are entitled to reclaim the overpaid tax or other bank fees. These scammers will request the customer to deposit a small amount in their name for claiming the refund amount. They will also add some serious notes about the urgency in making the payment in their favor.

Hundreds of innocent corporate and business houses have lost hundreds of dollars in bank refund scam. The scammers will work out their strategies well in advance and act as one of the governmental bodies to fool the customers. The wordings, style of writing, design and other aspects will be as that of banks website. These guys will claim to be from the Tax authority or other governmental agency and threaten the customers to pay the deposit immediately. The customers will fall prey to these mails and shell out hundreds of dollars. They will wait eagerly for the refund amount for few days and lose the hope when they do not get any amount from the scammers. These scammers will also request the customer to provide his bank account details and passwords for security purpose.
Bank refund scam
When the customers provide these details they will immediately swindle the money from the customers' bank account. The customers will have no other option but to escalate the matter to cyber crime department. The corporate houses or other individuals should be extremely alert when someone asks their identity or banking details. They should never provide their personal details even under compulsion. The people who are getting these types of phishing mails should immediately report to cyber security department or police. They will take severe actions against the perpetrators. The customers should be alert when they receive an SMS or mails stating that they are eligible for bank refunds and should immediately delete these types of mails. The customers can also verify from others whether these types of mails are circulating everywhere. They can immediately contact the financial institutions or banks about these types of mails. But at any cost the customers should never share the bank user id, password, savings bank account number and other such details to aliens. The trusted and reputed banks or financial institutions will never send a mail asking for personal information.
Bank refund scam03
Bank refund scam04

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