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English bull dogs forre homing
English Bulldog Puppy
Tony saussie puppies home
Australian Shepherd Puppy
Stylish beagle pup
Beagle Puppy
Billion dollar bichons
Bichon Frise Puppy
Champ border collie home
Bordercollie Puppy
Local boston terrier puppies
Boston Terrier Puppy
Sky boxer puppies
Boxer Puppy
Bull dog frences mexico
Bulldog Puppy
Compagnon cavalier puppies
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy
Witty cavoodle puppies
Cavapoo Puppy
Asong chihuahua puppies home
Chihuahua Puppy
Affordable chowchow pups
Chowchow Puppy

Pet scammers

Beware pet lovers! Pet scams online has been an uphill after the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a new area scammers entered and it is going much smoothly for them than we imagine. They have swindled surplus dollars from the pockets of kind hearted pet lovers and left them heartbroken. They are the creatures of evil for scamming us using such adorable, cute and comfy pictures and videos of puppies and kittens out there. The pet scams are much despicable than we imagine as they are selling horses and lion cubs on the internet. They might sell even dragons and dinosaurs with their crafty websites and there is no stopping them for selling those in the world wide web of us.

Pet scammer's technique:

"In search of kind hearted souls to take care of these puppies in a comfy environment. Absolutely free, adopt one now"

Yes, the puppy's cost is zero in the bill but the bill not ends there. It has a shipping charge of about $5oo to $700 and a medical insurance fee that varies by the pet types. After you have paid those in the hope of puppy being shipped to the nearby airport, there comes another notification in your mail, "The puppy needs a safety crate in order to ship", and yeah for that it needs some bucks from your bank. The safety crate might be as same as the shipping cost or sometimes even higher.

And now that notification is a pet scam alert, you should doubt them or your hard earned money will be paying their burgers in Mac Donald's. You may be cynical towards them by seeing some Samaritan or missionaries pictures with the puppy who is posing so warmly with them and below there will be the phrase, "From the home of good souls". This is free pet puppy adoption scam revolving in the world wide web regularly.

" This cutie needs a home and it can be yours
- Make him yours by this unbelievable offer we give
- Just click, pay and get him to play "

This is literally as same as the pet adoption scam above with some changes in the bill, captions and photos on the scam website. The bill in here now has the pet charges with an unbelievable offer. Note it; this is the clue by the pet scammer to not believe in this offer and to ignore them completely.

But we won't that, as the website seems so promising and have a dozen of text boxes about their happy customers with pets. Yeah we will be fooled right away and the scammer is now at a restro cafe near their house paying the extra large ice americano with your dollars. The green photos of the pet farms, catching Frisbee videos of the pets and a list of pet products will surely deceive the face of the pet scammer behind it. These are the tricks of online pet sale scam.

So the online pet scammer's technique of creating a website with eye catching pics, shimmering catchphrases and ditto of official credentials are the ones that will mostly scam us. The online pet scammers are usually a gang which operates from some foreign countries which are out of your country's jurisdiction.

They may use multiple pet scam websites and pet delivery scam websites too. The peoples who had been swindled are innocent ones with warm hearts to raise a pet. Sometime they feel more dejected about the not received pet than the scammed money. Apart from this, the pet scams are also done in craigslist and sometimes in person too.

Avoiding pet scammers:

Compete check and having a skeptical mindset about the pet adoption or pet selling websites can avoid you from online pet scammers.Search thoroughly about the pet website you chose and its contents in the internet and confirm the credibility of it. Also don't forget to check if the website is listed in our which has a database of pet scammers reported by verified and scammed peoples around the world.

Contact the seller from the website and request for a video chat with you with them and their pet at the same screen. This way you can see the pet and pet's livelihood and the seller's identity. Remember no pet scammer can do this.

After checking with the above guidelines, if you find it as scam please do report to us in our pet scammer database which helps the kind hearted people like you out there from being scammed.If the seller is nearby, make sure to visit them in person and confirm the pet's condition and pay them only after you receive your pet, never before it.

Or be a savior and adopt a pet from your nearby pet shelter or neighborhood. Adopting a pet near you is an act of greater kindness. You might have a desire to raise cute puppies and pure breed kittens in your heart but remember raising a pet is not always about its kind or breed but is about an act of sheltering a hopeless little living being out there with care. We believe some of you will be a savior or even heroes to the pets you adopt nearby you.

At last, regularly visit our website and be informative and assertive about the scamming and scammers. Let's stop people from being scammed.