Scammer Nathaniel Baldwin 

Fraudster Nathaniel Baldwin 


Name: Nathaniel Baldwin
Other Name:
Born: 1878
whether Dead or Alive: 1961
Age: 83
Country: United States
Occupation: inventor
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges:
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 5 years for fraud case
Known For: Defrauding $242 million out of Banco Noroeste and alleged attack on the Nigerian town of Ukpo

Description :

Nathaniel Baldwin

Nathaniel Baldwin was said to be the pioneer of modern headphones that we use today. His faith in his father's polygamy principle and his fellow mates influenced him towards the way of misery. On February 1933's Valentine's Day, Baldwin and his dozen of accomplices were convicted of mail fraud and Baldwin was sent to prison for two years. His conviction brought down his radio factory too.

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