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Shipping Fee Scams

Companies and industries all over the world are magnifying their business image and making huge profits only with the help of internet and emails. Though thousands of business transactions takes place honestly through the mails even many illegal and scamming activities are also happening through mail correspondences. Scammers those who are operating with false identities send phishing mails to the target group and when the recipient replies to their mails they will start giving shape to their criminal plans. Ultimate losers of money will be none other the target group. Data revealed by the authorities provides startling information about the scamming activities. It is estimated that different corporate houses and companies those who are scattered across different countries have lost money to the tune of $2.3 billion to the scammers in the last few years. Hundreds of famous scams related to shipping charges and fees were reported in many countries and many companies have lost these types of fees to the tune of more than $10000.

Beware of Shipping Fee Scam
A classic example of these types of scams is "the buyer will place a bulk order with an ABC company and request the company to deliver the product to some unknown destinations. Methods adopted by the scammer who is none other than the buyer will look legal and honest till the time the amount is siphoned off from the dealer's account. Buyer will enter into a contract with the dealer by paying a small amount as token of advance and will inform the dealer that he will pay the balance amount when the goods are delivered. Buyer will also provide fake credit card number, expiry date and other details called for by the dealer. Buyer will also insist the dealer to bear the shipping charges which will run to several hundred dollars and instruct the dealer to add the amount along with the customary payment charges. Buyer will act innocently and request the seller to swipe the amount after the product is delivered to his premises. Dealer will dispatch the goods to the unknown destinations and wait for further instructions from the buyer. Scammer who posed himself as buyer will not communicate after he receives the goods from the dealer and will vanish somewhere with the goods. Dealer will swipe the card and find that the credit card number given by the buyer is a fake one. Scams related to PayPal fees and eday fees are also becoming very popular these days. A classic example related to PayPal is "the buyer of the product will send a mail to the seller stating that he has included the shipping charges along with the payment through PayPal since other methods of transfer are not working properly. Buyer will also claim that he was very busy with some other official programs and that is the reason he is including the shipping fees along with the purchase amount. Buyer will request the seller to transfer the shipping fees to his account immediately through Western Union Money Transfer". If the seller believes the word of the buyer and settles the amount then he will never recover the amount in future. Public should be very careful while transacting businesses with buyers sitting in other countries. Following guidelines will be of immense help to the people who are involving in international businesses:

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