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Email Fraudulent Fines Scams

Scams that are related to Email Fraudulent Fines

General public are warned to be very careful when they receive strange or fraudulent mails since scamming activities has increased multifold in the recent past. Scammers have the habit of entering into the computer systems of the corporate houses or individuals and hijack their complete personal data. Scammers are very clever and attack only the computers systems that are not protected with antivirus software. No one is having clear idea on how these scammers swindle the money from the innocent public. Though police, cyber crime,
Email Fraudulent fine Scam
revenue and other governmental authorities are swiftly operating to find out the criminal network but still there are miles to go. The scammers often change their identities and the place of operation frequently which becomes a challenge for the cyber security to crack down these criminal networks. When they move from one place to the other it becomes very difficult for the agencies to track their exact identity.

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Cyber security has cracked lots of criminal activities that are happening on the internet and have saved assets that are millions of dollars. Famous scams that are taking place on the internet are scams related to fraudulent emails. The public should immediate report these types of spam that are related to fraudulent emails to the concerned authorities who will take immediate action. Some of the most popular and top email scams are as follows

• Nigerian scams :

Here the scammers will pose themselves as governmental authorities and send a mail which will have a nicely worded and rich content. It will be a like a formal memo or a professional letter to the public. The content will read as follows "Government of Nigeria is disbursing the over-allocated funds to the public and the people who are interested in getting their share have to make a small deposit and share their personal details'. The public will provide their personal details and deposit a small sum for claiming the amount from the country of Nigeria. The criminals who has sent the mails will runaway with the money and will not reply to any mails.
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• Lottery Scams :

In these types of scams the perpetrators will act as a lottery agent and will announce that "this mail has won UK Lotto Lottery draw of $ 100000 and the customer can claim this amount by depositing a small amount of $ 1500. The innocent customer will deposit the money and will not get any prize money.
Fraudulent Scams that are related to money transfer are also making big rounds globally. Nigerians scammers actively take part in these types of transfers and will request the mail recipients to transfer the money through electronic wire transfer. Public should not provide personal details and transfer money when they receive these types of mails:
   • Strangers requesting money transfer urgently
   • Strangers acting as lover and requesting to deposit the money
   • Unknown person advertising an apartment sale or vocational rental sale
   • Strangers requesting money for urgent hospitalization expenses
   • Women acting as a widow and claiming money for urgent needs
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