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Affinity Scams

Scammers those who are operating within and outside the country play a predominant role in swindling the hard earned money of the innocent people who use the mails every day. Scams relating to affinity are becoming famous throughout the world and hundreds of rich and affluent groups were targeted by the malicious perpetrators in the recent past. Affinity fraud is some sort of an investment fraud where the scammers who operate in different names enlist the names of the affluent elderly groups, religious groups, religious societies, ethnic communities and socially wealthy group and send a mail to one or several of these groups to invest their money.
Groups of affinity scams
Scams relating to affinity will involve target groups like religious communities, employee networks, ethnic groups or like-minded groups working in the same office. Scammers will introduce themselves as a well-wisher of the groups or one among the ethnic groups. These criminal minded scammers will send a mail requesting the religious groups to invest their money that is lying idly in the trust in one of their investment portfolios. Well-informed groups will not reply or deposit any money but the groups those who do not have any knowledge about scamming will trust the words of the scammers and immediately deposit a large sum in their account. Scammers will use the words such as "I am one among your group and you can trust my words" or he will write "trust my words if you want to double your investment money'.

Examples of scams relating to religious affinity are as follows:

  • Internet missionaries church GMI which took $27000 from over 27000 believers and promised huge returns. But they swindled the money and ran-off without signs or symptoms
  • A Sunday school teacher swindled money to the tune of $ 1 million dollars from the church members and deposited in his personal account
  • A former financial consultant who respected Christian values was sentenced to several years of imprisonment since he swindled $6 million dollars from their account.
  • One famous promoter informed that he has found a device to find oil and swindled to the tune of $1 million from several religious members.
  • 125 members of various Christian association lost around $7.4 million. Scammers happily sold non-existent prime bank trading investment.
  • Armenian-American community lost $19 million to scammers. This fraud categorized by SEC as affinity fraud.
  • African-American Baptists lost $3.5 million to the scammers. It is imperative to note that most of the Baptists were elderly citizen.
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