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Scammer Bernard Ebbers 

Fraudster Bernard Ebbers 


Name: Bernard Ebbers
Other Name:
Born: 1941
whether Dead or Alive: 2020
Age: 78
Country: Canada
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges: Securities fraud,conspiracy
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 25-year imprisonment
Known For:

Description :

Bernard Ebbers

Bernard Ebbers is an American fraudster who is accountable for securities fraud and accounting frauds. Ebbers served as the CEO of WorldCom, one of the world's largest telecommunication companies in 2000s, where he loaned millions of money from the banks by showing profitable finance accounts which are already $11 billion in short and with false securities.

He was indicted in the year 2002 where he claimed to be innocent and pushed his accusation towards his subordinates. He was later cross examined and was found guilty in 7 felonies and was also found guilty for the security and accounting scam of WorldCom which went bankruptcy in the year 2002. He was sentenced to 20 years of prison in the year 2006.

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