Scammer Richard Boggs 

Fraudster Richard Boggs 


Name: Richard Boggs
Other Name: Richard Pryde Boggs
Born: 1933
whether Dead or Alive: 2003
Age: 70
Country: United States
Occupation: neurologist
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges: Bank fraud, identity theft, passport fraud, conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud, probation violation
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 36 years in prison,reduced to 15 years (served 12.5 years), $6 million restitution
Known For: Scamming 200 thousand people

Description :

Richard Boggs

Richard Boggs is an American neurologist and a crooked fraudster. Boggs being the greedy guy conspired with his accomplices to acquire $1.5 million life insurance of one of his fellow conspirators.“Boggs and his accomplice killed a guy named Greene in his office and forged his identity as Hanson who is also Boggs' conspirator”.

He later rounded off the case smoothly and named Greene as Hanson and claimed his insurance money. But his plans and conspirators were exposed when the photo of Hanson from his license didn't match the photo of Greene in his autopsy report. He was convicted for murder, insurance fraud and his accomplices were convicted for insurance fraud and identity fraud. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for his cruel act.

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