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Scam Victim's Comments

Comments by Angel on 2009-11-11 at 11:02:31

I was a victim of Weight loss program. I used to and still receive lot of emails with claims like you can eat whatever you like, you don’t have to exercise, cellulite disappears etc. if you put this belt for 10 minutes in a day or eat these pills etc. Since I was receiving this kind of mail everyday I thought of giving it a try, so I send a demand draft to the address mentioned by them in my email. After sending the demand draft I was waiting for nearly a week to receive the weight loss pills. But I did not receive even after a week. Then I realized it was a scam. So people if you receive any mail of this kind just ignore it, otherwise you will become a victim like me and lose your money.


Comments by Vimal Kumar on 2009-11-16 at 14:20:39

Even though i am not a victim of a scam i was about to be a victim and would like to share it here. Two years back i got a mail stating that my mail id had won 50 thousand million dollars and requested to give my details like my contact no. , address and my status regarding what i am doing, really friends i was not aware of this scam that time and gave all my details. Just i don't know what to do whom to share my happiness and said to my dearest friend thank god at least he was aware of all these things. Still i didn't believe him that time but what had happened U all might been knowing- Yes he had asked me to pay his transportation charge as 45 thousand before i get his lottery money. Then i have realized it was a scam.

Vimal Kumar--India

Comments by Ruce on 2009-11-17 at 11:40:01

Hi friends beware of "job offer scam". I had one bad experience a year back which am going to share here so that others can be aware of this type of scams in future. Once I have applied in a local agency for a job and in few days I have received a selection letter without attending interview. They asked me to pay 100$ and can join the job in one week. I believed this madly and payed the amount. Waited for a week patiently for their response, which extended for a month, finally am fooled badly. So friends be aware before you do any type of payments to unknown parties. Regards, Ruce


Comments by Kathay Rose on 2009-12-29 at 09:37:20

Hi i would like to share few thing that happened to me. At first i got a mail from a person named Steve and i too gave reply to his mail that's it i have started getting thousand spam mails from this guy. I was really irritated by these mails then only i came to know this guy was a big scammer. I really thank god to have some site like this to help and guide us to stay away from scammers. Regards, Kathay

Kathay Rose--New Jersey

Comments by M C on 2010-01-17 at 06:55:07

I was victim of a scam form Mr Allen Achille birthay Oct 14 1966, native frnch, he told me was living in Ottawa, Canada when I met him, said was sorking seting internert,but he can always change his story and sometimes travels to England, Paris, UK,he uses social and dating websites to find his victims,e mail adress and and messengers and, he siad had a son in Uk, and he was not geting paid for his finished contract.we met July 2009,he started asking for financial assitance for his son Fergio Allen Achille who was going to college in UK. on Nov 2009 he started asking me to send money to a so called inheritance consultant Mr John Bailey Vaudin e mail adress, he asked me to send money to his assitant Mr Kenneth Francis in Kuala, Lumpur Malaysia to subit he so called inheritance his late father left him, we were supossed to meet in my hometown on DEc 2009, but Mr Achille supposly got sick of pneumonia, and was rushed to hopsital,some of his frinds sent me e mail to let me know he died on Dec 2009.So we never met. I got scamed with $10.000usd. Mr Achille is not really dead, he had anew account on and and he came online in yahoo messenger by accident while I was chating with a friend of mine..


Comments by Paul Becerra on 2010-02-19 at 21:24:54

I was scammed by a chic who calls herself Millicent Koram who is still in business to this day and has not been caught as of yet.I was taking for over 2 grand and its my own fault I put my gut instincts down long enuff to get scammed. I have been olnine for 12 years and have met a shit load of woman but have never ever sent anyone any money until Milli got her hooks into me she is very good at what she does so you guys beware she will get you if you dont find a site like as soon as possible..Thank You

Paul Becerra--United States

Comments by on 2010-07-08 at 08:45:23

Being scammed by an on-line dating scammer claimimg to be from Houston,Texas,stranded in Ikeja,Lagos,Nigeria,I have traced him to Bariga,Lagos,Nigeria still in contact through the e-mail and Yahoo Messenger

Comments by Barrister Paul Gill on 2010-07-12 at 16:21:48

i want you to know that i have been to this my job over 20 years now for this online stuff poeple trying to take person money away and i want you to know that this was call scamm am here to stop that bad thing because i was born and raise in los angeles in santa monica i was transfer to west africa in nigeria to stop this bad poeple that took some money away and i have help alot if you know you are one of the scamm victim you can kindly get back to my private email because am capable of my job and am proud of my job regarded Bar Paul Gill

Barrister Paul Gill --united state

Comments by Susan Allien on 2010-07-18 at 22:30:37

I am so mad this man sent me an e mail about a business loan; Non recourse loan, no up front fees, I sent the information to him in TX and VA. He want respond to my e mails, or phone calls. he likes getting people hopes up in getting a loan.

Susan Allien-- India

Comments by Harold Porter on 2011-01-28 at 17:26:06

I have been scammed by an individual that goes by the name Albina Akhmatgaleyeva. She is clever and will do what ever she can to receive money from you. I am quite sure that there is more people behind this scam. These form letters that I receive are continuous to the day. Today she has asked me for 3900 US dollars to secure her arrival to the U.S. She has been reported on a few sites and now she still asks for more. I have currently told her I will send this money and now I need help to catch her I need to know what to do next.

Harold Porter--U.S.A