Scammer Christian Gerhartsreiter 

Fraudster Christian Gerhartsreiter 


Name: Christian Gerhartsreiter
Other Name: Clark Rockefeller,Chris C. Crowe,Chris Chichester,Chip Smith,Christopher Gerhart
Born: 1961
whether Dead or Alive:
Age: 61
Country: German
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges:
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 27 years to life (first-degree murder),4 to 5 years (kidnapping),2 to 3 years (assault and battery with dangerous weapon)
Known For:

Description :

Christian Gerhartsreiter

Christian Gerhartsreiter aspired to be a millionaire in his early days when he lived in Germany with his parents. To achieve his goals he took a trip to the U.S during 1980s; “he scammed the immigration officers by convincing them that he was invited to live with a relative in the U.S. After his landing in the U.S he roamed around and settled in a small house with a family in Berlin, Connecticut; defrauding them as a wealthy heir from Germany”. He joined the nearby school as a foreign exchange student and thought of becoming an actor, so he married a girl nearby to get his hands on the U.S green card, and later went to California thus leaving his wife behind.

In California he imposed himself as a movie producer called 'Christopher Crowe' and got hired in a film company. He was eventually found out and fired which made him to take the spiciest name for himself as 'Clark Rockefeller'. He imposed himself as a Rockefeller, the name of one of the wealthiest and powerful family in the U.S and got married to a well financed lawyer who's alma mater was Stanford University.

He had a daughter with her and later got divorced by her when she learned his true identity through a private detective. He was arrested in the year 2008 for kidnapping his daughter and for forging fake identity documents and was sentenced to 5 years. In 2011, “he was also indicted for a murder done during the year 1985 and was sentenced to 26 years of imprisonment”. He now finally ended up as a fraudster and got imprisoned in prison.

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