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Sports Investment Scams

Scammers have intelligently looted and happily swallowed millions of dollars from hundreds of rich corporate houses. These innocent companies which have disgustingly lost their money to these criminal networks have filed complaints with the cyber crime cell and other such revenue authorities. But people woke up from their dreams only after the interventions of revenue authority and cyber security force. If the intelligence and Interpol does not stop this menace scamming activities will grow multifold in the future. Investment scams related to
Beware of Sports Investment Scams
sports is creating negative vibrations in the world and many people have innocently lost their money to the scammers. Scammers who are operating from many countries will quickly trick the people and loot their hard earned money.
Scammers will send a mail to the people stating that they are having special prediction software that will predict accurately the outcome of the horse race. Horse race lovers will innocently reply to these hooligans and also deposit the amount requested by them. These scammers will never reply after siphoning off the money. Common technical words that are used by the scammers with respect to sports are wagering, arbitrage, trading and tipping. Letter or mail sent by the scammers will look very official and professional. But close observation will reveal different things. Generally, the horse lovers will not check the authenticity or verify in detail the person sending the mail. They will innocently reply and deposit the amount. The criminals will run away with the money and will never bother about the sender. Scammers will also pose themselves as betting syndicates and urge the public to deposit the money. They will also convince the commoners to invest their money in sports investment that will yield very high returns. Some innocent public will believe the words of the scammer and deposit the money. Public will not get anything in return and will not face huge loss. These tricky scammers will also themselves that they are members of securities and investment commission and will urge the commoners to invest. Dos and Don'ts that a commoner should follow are listed below:

DOs :

  • Verify the credentials of the sender before replying
  • Cross check with friends or other colleagues whether these types of mails are making rounds
  • Escalate this mail to concerned cyber cell
  • Inform others about these types of scamming mails
  • Hang up the call immediately when the scammers place a call to you


  • Never reply to any scamming mails
  • Never provide your pin, passwords, personal details and financial details
  • Do not Build close ties or rapports with these scammers

People should showcase responsibility and escalate the scamming activities to the governmental authorities immediately. Lots of scamming activities are happening and websites are becoming the hot hub for these types of activities. Citizens are having moral responsibility to teach these criminals fantastic lessons. Scammers will use technical jargons and high sales pitch to convince the clients. So, the public should never reply to these scammers or communicate with them through other means of communication.
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