Scammer Nicky Arnstein 

Fraudster Nicky Arnstein 


Name: Nicky Arnstein
Other Name: Julius Arnold, Jules Arndtsteyn, Nick Arnold, Nicholas Arnold,Wallace Ames, John Adams, J. Willard Adair
Born: 1879
whether Dead or Alive: 1965
Age: 86
Country: United States
Occupation: Professional gambler, confidence trickster
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges:
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 23-year imprisonment
Known For:

Description :

Nicky Arnstein

Nicky Arnstein is a professional gambler, con artist and a fraudster who used aliases such as Nick Arnold, Nicholas Arnold and Julius Arnold during his cons. He was an American with magic hands in gambling. He is also a skillful con artist. He combined his gambling and con skills and defrauded numerous individuals in the gambling table. He was convicted for swindling of money in the year 1915 and was sentenced to two years in Sing Sing prison.

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