Scammer Jim Norman 

Fraudster Jim Norman 


Name: Jim Norman
Other Name: Jim Norman
Born: 1948
whether Dead or Alive: 2007
Age: 73
Country: Canada
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges: Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud 17 in Violation of 18 U.S.C. ? 1349
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 20 years
Known For:

Description :

Jim Norman

Jim Norman is a Canadian convicted fraudster and a music composer. He was convicted for advance fee scam and wire fraud in 2009. “He opened an independent investment firm called ESPAVO groups and Thrum records with a promise of high returns for investments”. He was caught red-handed in the year 2009 with his partners. He was found guilty and was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. He was charged $1,731,805 for restitution fees with $100 for advancement fees.

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