Scammer Cassie L. Chadwick 

Fraudster Cassie L. Chadwick 


Name: Cassie L. Chadwick
Other Name: Elizabeth Cunard,Emily Heathcliff,Lydia DeVere,Lydia Springsteen,Marie LaRose,Cassie Hoover,Cassie Chadwick,Cassie L.Chadwick
Born: 1857
whether Dead or Alive: 1907
Age: 50
Country: Eastwood, Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Clairvoyant, fortune teller, pimp
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges: forgery seven counts forgery and seven counts conspiracy
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 14 years prison and $70,000 fine
Known For:

Description :

Cassie L. Chadwick

Cassie L. Chadwick, born Elizabeth Bigley is from a poor family but lived in luxury because of her expertise frauds. She started her scams by creating fake identities along with fake promissory notes of wealth. She began her fraud by naming herself as Madame Lydia DeVere, a widow clairvoyant. She later got married to a Doctor with the help of her sister and brother in law’s wealth and swindled the Doctor’s wealth. She was accused for this and got divorced from the doctor who paid all her loans. Next she targeted a farmer and made a pre- married agreement on wealth before marrying him.

She lived with him for four years and applied for divorce, accusing him of adultery. Next she took the role of Cassie Hoover by implementing a brothel with the idea of entrapping some wealthy gentlemen. She later met Doctor Chadwick in the brothel and seduced him to marry her. Now, she leveled up her scammer skills and presented herself as Cassie L. Chadwick, the illegitimate daughter of a well known industrialist Andrew Carnegie; with this act she usurped multiple loans from many banks and spent them lavishly as the “Queen of Ohio”. In the year 1905, she was caught when she couldn’t pay the loans, as her securities were faulty. She was later sentenced to jail. She was hailed by historians as one of the greatest fraudsters in the history.

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