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If you have received an email that you suspect to be a scam, you could use the following form and We will determine if it looks like a known scam and also We provide other details if available.

If you are looking to verify email ID Click here. This form is only for verifying potential scam / fraud emails.

Enter your Suspicious Email(Copy and paste the complete email you got in this text box-Eg: "You won $2,000,000 Million lottery" "Honey I saw your profile online and like you very much" "I have $15,000,000 that I want to move out of my country and seek your help" "You have a job offer for $100,000 per year pay." Etc )*:
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If you are looking to verify email ID Click here. This form is only for verifying potential scam / fraud emails.

Email Scammer Quiz:

Take the following questionnaire to test yourself whether you are dealing with the scammer or not.

1. Did she or he give you her phone number?
(If she or he did, but you never reached her or him at that number - please answer NO)
Yes    No

2. Did she or he ask you to send her money for one of the following:
  • Apartment rent
  • Visa or Tickets for trip to you
  • Education
  • Internet cafe expenses or/and telephone bills
  • Illness or dead in the family
  • Anything else that asks for your financial support
  Yes    No

3. Did she or he send you a copy of their passport ,address or anyother thing without you asking her or him for it?
  Yes    No

4.Did she ever send you naked or sexy pictures of her or used an erotic tone in her emails?
  Yes    No

5. Does her street address contain: "Lenin street", "Lenina street" or "Sovetskaya street" ?
  Yes    No

6. Did she or he ask you to send personal details about you?
  Yes    No

7. Is there anyone else in the communication chain between you and her: ?
  Yes    No

8.Is there anyone else in the communication chain between you and her:
  • Her friend, who's phone she often uses
  • Dating Site Agent, that receives letters from you and passes it to her
  • Her sister, brother or other relative, who always answers her phone
  Yes    No

9. How many months have you known them ?

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The most common medium a scammer uses to approach its victims is "Emails"

There is no better way to approach your target than directly landing in the personal inbox of the user. A well framed professional style email is enough to grab the attention of the victim. Scammers take advantage of this and use email as the most common medium to approach their target victims. Scammers use their skills to draft a sophisticated and professional looking email with an opportunity that appears too good to be true. These fraudsters draft the scam email which offers an exciting benefit to the receiver but also creates a sense of urgency to act soon. The ultimate aim of the scam email by the scammer is to get a positive response from the receiver (victim). The scammer often embeds phishing links and non trusted URLs in the email, where they grab the personal information of the user.

In many cases scammers send out bulk unsolicited emails to a number of email addresses. Many such emails have been reported to be scam emails that are sent out to make the victims fall prey to their scam strategies. Such emails have been reported and updated in scam emails list.

If you have received an email that you suspect to be a scam, you could use the 'Scam Email checker' tool by Ripandscam, that will identify whether the email is a scam or not. Our databases contain all emails that are registered and reported to be sent by scammers. We will determine if it looks like a known scam and also provide other details if available. The scam email checker tool is free and easy to use, just copy paste the email and provide necessary details and just click on the go button to check if the entered email is a scam or not.

Email scamming is one of the leading threats that happen in this era. Scammers found a huge profit in the internet obsessed world. Earlier the scams are generally done through the phone, now it is done through email. Although the end goal of the scammer is always money. If you think you are getting scammed or getting irrelevant emails, then it is necessary to contact the website or app where the scammer approached you in the first place. On the other hand, searching in the renowned scamming website allows you to know how you have been scammed and the real criminal. Our website rip and scam helps you to stay safe in the online world by providing you with an online email spam checker. We provide you with basic tools that allow you to check any suspicious emails or email id. If you want to check whether an email id is a scam or not you can click here. For verifying emails, you can use an email scam checker tool that helps you in identifying the emails that contain inappropriate content. Email spam checker tool is a simple and easy tool to use for free of cost. All you have to do is to copy and paste the suspected mail in the provided space or in the textbox to find whether it is a scam or not.

Why do we have to use this tool? As we know many people all over the world are the victims of online scams, knowing about the types of scams and how they are targeting will allow you to stay secure. Using this tool, you can find the real culprit and add them into a database of the scammers to avoid further scamming. Adding them into the scammers list will reduce the number of victims and will allow many others to stay safe in this society. Scam email checkers are absolutely free to use and provide you with absolute results without any compromise.

Most of the scammers directly target money while some of them target the information that leads to money. If you think that the email you are getting is illegitimate and seems concerning, then it is a must to use an email scam checker tool to avoid spam's. Hackers and scammers will send the message for over millions of people around the world every day, some may be random while other scammers are more professional to know our liking. Over a million people, there are almost thousands of people who fall into this trap. Our site goal is to reduce the number of scammers and victims.

Risk factor:

Whether it is an application or the unidentified email, When you are entering into the site, it is necessary to know things for which you are giving access. Giving access to almost everything easily allows you to become one of the victims. Why should you verify the scam email? Verifying the email whether it is from a known source is must before giving your valued information allows us to stay safe. If you are being scammed, then there is a risk of losing your passwords, money, identity, job and even your reputation. The risk factor increases incase of dating and romance scams as it deals with emotional feelings like trust and love.


We provide you with some key tips to stay safe in the internet generation. The format of the email, domain and content of the emails are the basic things to be considered before giving access to any of your devices. Scammers use different types of phishing emails to scheme you, some of them may look like the government website or from the federal body. Phishing emails from the banking sector will ask for the information that is to be filled out, information is incomplete or your insurance is denied. These are the easy ways to get your information within a minute. Filling the form in the bank or if you are using the online medium, use the application of your own bank. If an email from a well known website tells you to download the attachment or to click the link below, which leads to another site, then it is a must to stop right there. This may lead to losing your social security. Often the big problems are created by the small mistakes, so there is nothing wrong in being careful. Even when the emails generated to you look like email from the reputed companies, it should be confirmed by us before dealing with money and when providing information. One of the common fraudulent emails related to the bank may state that you have exceeded your current limit or the huge sum of money has been detected from your account. To immediately stop being a threat, click the link below for the verification process is known to be considered as the malicious email.

In this internet obsessed world, will the scammers leave the dating industry? Over the decade, we may have witnessed many online scams in the dating field. Unlike other scams it is considered to be more serious as they not only deal with money, also with the feelings of the people. Dating scam email checkers will find the scam emails and will maintain the updated database of all the reported emails to reduce the number of victims. From teenage to old age, most of the people are targeted in the dating scam. Scammers use different names, photos and age according to your matching and will make you fall in love within a short period. Teenage girls who believe them unconditionally will say all their information and will even send their personal photos. After a period of time, they were blackmailed by the scammers to send the money. It starts with sharing of your phone number, if a person asks you to give or ask for a phone number, then it is better to stay alert. Sharing your mobile number is not only sharing your contacts, but it allows you to know almost everything about you including your bank account details. If the person at the other end asks for your financial support, then it is necessary to use an online email scam checker.

The scam industry majorly targets the people above the age group of 50 for romance and dating scams. In recent research, it is estimated that 50 to 80 percent of the old people are lonely and longing for love. So these scammers will target people of this age group for their own benefit. If you have been asked for money from your online partner or any valuable items, then it is must to confirm their identity. In today's world some people are finding their love through online media, this may influence many to believe the unknown person unconditionally. As people are expecting their life partner through the dating apps and through any social media, without knowing the real identity. Scammers all over the world use fake id and disposable mobile phones for communication purposes. So if you find something unusual, then stay safe by using a romance scam email checker.

Even Though dating and romance scam is done via the official dating website, the scammer tries to target only through social media and email. Communicating with email is one of the safest ways for the scammers to start the first step. Some scammers come to the point within a short period. They will express intensive emotions and give out fake personal information about their families within a short period of time. People who fall for this will allow them to talk over the phone and will eventually fall in love with them instantly. However, there are many other persistent scammers who will speak to you for more than months or even a year to obtain money. These scammers usually plan for the large sum of money. They will show you love, personal information, and may even shower you with surprising gifts. They make you love unconditionally the money from you. Some of the common excuses they make to get money from you is "I need money for surgery" and "I want money to visit you". Of course this will make many of us send the money, just to visit him. Credit card and banking details can be easily acquired by them, when you have an immense amount of trust. The banking details are collected from you by saying that they need to return your money or to send the gifts.

In dating scams, money laundering is a major threat that happens often. It is the one of the criminal offences that you may deal unknowingly. So before sending any personal information or valuable items, it is necessary to know the other end person. Never believe anyone you have never met before. Do an email search to determine whether the person is real or not. You can use a scam email address checker to identify the location of the unknown person. It is not only for you, help the people around you by creating more awareness about the email scams. If you have noticed anything irrelevant or inconsistencies and cannot find the trace of the person, then remove emotions before making the decision and use the dating scam email checker or the romance scam email checker to identify the scammer. There are some people who won't believe that their so-called partner is a scammer and will make sure to fall in the tap again.

There are also many other scams other than dating scams. Some of the scams that are happening over the decade are lottery scams. It is one of the most common scams that everyone willingly falls for. Many people are aware of the lottery and random winner scams, but the huge sum of money displayed on the email will make them fill all the details. People get too excited when they are selected as the lucky draw winner or when they win the lottery. It is a basic thing to understand the basics of what is happening in the lottery scam. In the lottery scam, some people will buy the fake lottery ticket, while others give their banking information to receive an ample amount of money. If you receive spam email and have responded to that email, you may end up paying money for unknown purposes. Scammers generate a plain message that you are credited with million dollars or sometimes they credit you million dollars and withdraw it immediately after the transfer. This may lead to another scam that they have won the lottery and will lead to another scam.

If you have received any mail stating that you have won a lottery, do not respond. No one in this world will give you money for free. Do not expect money for free. Thinking before acting will save from the scam. Use the proper email spam checker to filter out the spam. As this scam is done internationally, you cannot find the scammer easily. To find the spam email and to stay out of it, use the online email scam checker in the rip and scam website.

If the email is from your closed ones or your friends, who are asking money for the emergency purposes, give a call to confirm the situation. Hackers all over the world use different strategies to loot money. Mostly they target the foreign friends or family members who cannot be easily communicated with. Email address checker tools provided by our website will help you to find the location of the scammer.

Young age people fall under the gaming scams, where they were asked to pay to buy the gaming product. Some of the gaming apps are legitimate while others will redirect to another url which may lead to losing your money. Some emails may state that to go to the higher level, use Parents should be aware of where their children are spending money. They can use the scam email checking to minimise the consequences.

Visit our site rip and scam to get detailed information about scamming and to check scam emails to stay secured.