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FEEL FREE to Use Scam Email-Checker Tool!

If you have received an email that you suspect to be a scam, you could use the following form and We will determine if it looks like a known scam and also We provide other details if available.

Enter your Suspicious Email Address:

1. Did she or he give you her phone number?
(If she or he did, but you never reached her or him at that number - please answer NO)
Yes    No

2. Did she or he ask you to send her money for one of the following:
  • Apartment rent
  • Visa or Tickets for trip to you
  • Education
  • Internet cafe expenses or/and telephone bills
  • Illness or dead in the family
  • Anything else that asks for your financial support
  Yes    No

3. Did she or he send you a copy of their passport ,address or anyother thing without you asking her or him for it?
  Yes    No

4.Did she ever send you naked or sexy pictures of her or used an erotic tone in her emails?
  Yes    No

5. Does her street address contain: "Lenin street", "Lenina street" or "Sovetskaya street" ?
  Yes    No

6. Did she or he ask you to send personal details about you?
  Yes    No

7. Is there anyone else in the communication chain between you and her: ?
  Yes    No

8.Is there anyone else in the communication chain between you and her:
  • Her friend, who's phone she often uses
  • Dating Site Agent, that receives letters from you and passes it to her
  • Her sister, brother or other relative, who always answers her phone
  Yes    No

9. How many months have you known them ?

Click the following button to find out if the above furnished details is a scam or not.

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