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Upfront Payment Scams

Do you know about upfront scams?

Are you interested in earning money through online by depositing least amount to extract huge money? Grab big deals and offers for your holiday trip at just low funds! These are the catchy advertisements crafted by the scammer to upfront payment from you. "Pay at a single stretch and get an interest free loans for big amounts", is the latest revolving online signature line from scammers to trick people in making the payment.

Are you prone to the following catchy bylines?

"Get your money fully refundable with huge monthly interest schemes" is the popularly known Reclaim scam. The scammers pretend themselves to be the big bank dealers in offering reimbursement or rebate with huge returns for the initial payment.

"You won the prize of $30,000 from the international lot" this is the usual trick crafted by scammers. To get the cash prize you need to make upfront fee through online.

"Get free coupons and travel vouchers for your international trip" the scammers claim they are travel agents from a reputed foreign company responsible for making travel arrangements. You will be asked to send advance payment of money to get a membership card for enjoying free stay and travel allowance.

How scammers make up your mind to get you trapped?

Scammers work very intellectually and potentially enough to get people in their track. They use the trick of kindling the desire on people of becoming the rich men in just a second by a simple transaction. These crooks highly target on common men who have the urged feel of becoming rich. This type of upfront fee scam is not a "just like that" method, scammers work a lot in collecting information about you and test your earning sensations to the most in making you fall victim.

Recent shocking upfront scam

The upfront scam that reported of scoring huge money from innocent is as follows: Scammers target students by the attractive promises of offering education loan, party arrangement, free trips, book fee payment and shopping deals for free by registering in the youth program by some upfront fee. Many adults expressed interest in joining this program through online where they are directed to some fake link pages. This is the top global upfront fee scam where the scammers extracted huge amount of money from students through online which could not be traced till date.

Scammers posted images of students' who are already a member of this program and invited other students to join them. This urged adults to fall in their trap.

How to avoid being scammed?

Beware of upfront payment scams

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