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Soft Scams

Customers Beware Since Soft Scams Are In the Raise:

Millions of people all over the world use internet for gaming, shopping, buying and selling, watching videos, listen to songs and use it for other purposes. Internets are busy round the clock since most of the people spend the time wisely on the internet. A decade back phishing activities started taking place and created a negative impact in the society. Scammers usually cheat the public by sending mails requesting them to open the mail and deposit few dollars immediately into their account. These scammers disguise themselves as IT authorities, revenue authorities, physicians, cosmetic sellers and product sellers and cheat the public quickly through their intelligent tactics.

Beware of Soft Scams

Scams related Tech support :

Scams related Tech support is making rounds globally and the credibility and reputation of a company named real soft inc is still under debate. This company has a showy website and informs the public that is has lots of branches all over the world. There are various complaints about this company and police authorities are still scratching their heads about their credibility and reputation. Crime branch and cyber security authorities have cracked down a global crime network sometime back and froze million dollar assets of these scammers. Exact whereabouts of these soft loan scammers are untraceable. But unconfirmed sources say that scammers
operate mainly from India, USA and UK. Another popular scam is Soft Corporate Offer which is abbreviated as SCO. In this type of scam the scammer will act as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer and swindle the amount deposited by both of them. Hundreds of people have commented that a famous company named lance soft inc is not offering any employment and are behaving like scammers. One of the representative working in this company has asked the social security number from a client. This popular company is a scammer or not? ? Public should wait and watch.

People who are searching for jobs in USA should show maximum caution while communicating with this company through mails or phone calls. They should never share their user id, passwords, social security number, account numbers before checking their credibility and reputation. A training company named infusion soft which poses itself as CRM consultant and requests the public to invest few thousand dollars. This con company will never reply after getting the money from the client. Public should stay away from this company or should show maximum caution while replying to their mails. They should never deposit or provide personal details before understanding the credibility and reputation of this company.

Scams that are related 'Microsoft tech support' are becoming very popular and the giant company Microsoft has requested the public to report any scams that are connected to their company to them. But the public never reports the scams to this company. Public should never disclose the following before they understand the true nature of the company.
  • Social security number
  • Bank user id and pw
  • Bank details
  • ATM pin or internet pins or passwords
  • Other financial details

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