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Calling Scams

Threat through telephones- calling scams:

Scams are the uninvited guests that visit you in one way or the other, taking several forms and never leave you off until you have empty pockets. It is necessary for the people to get the awareness about the most common scams prevailing around them to prevent themselves falling victim. Though you are aware and cautious, there are some scams that get you fooled without even letting you know that you are tricked. The calling scams are one such threat that continues to spread its wings wider every year. It might come to you in any form, either a guaranteed vacation to overseas or a bank loan from a newly established bank or sometimes even fake charities.
With a single call, the scam callers will turn your life hell, leaving a permanent nightmare on you. For making you stay alert, we have listed the top calling scams that are on trend.

Scam call offering alluring vacation and prize:

Receiving a voice call from unknown number that offers you with attractive vacation trip to Bahamas, Florida or Seashells' might make you get excited but the fact is that the person, who speaks at the other end is not a travel agent or a tourist guide, it is a phone scammer with the motive of squandering huge sum of money. These con artists make call to random numbers and play trick on the person, who ever get convinced with the offering. In most cases, the sham operators come up with exciting prizes that lures the innocents, making the people get trapped in their scam net.

Call Center Service Scam

Fake call on computer virus:

It is the scam, where the scam callers show their creativity. They approach you through telephone and make you believe that your computer is under the risk of computer virus that causes a big threat to your privacy or someone has hacked your computer and viewing all your personal stuffs. If you believe these scam calls about a computer virus, then you are likely to get issues that are much serious than a computer virus.
Calling Telephone Scams

Bank loan scams:

Recent report shows that there are more than 60,000 people getting scammed by fake bank call that assures loan for education, medicine, housing etc. These sham bankers mostly target the rich businessmen, who are finding ways to enhance their business. The ultimate aim of the bank loan scam is to get your bank details and rip off your deposited cash.
Phone Scam

Tips from FCC

Scam call for money claim:

The senior citizens are more vulnerable to these types of calling scams. The scammers target the aged persons, who are living alone and make call pretending as if they are their grand children asking money for their excursion or weekend trip. These unscrupulous scammers know clearly that these poor people are helpless and might send money without doing much research.
Scam call for money

Call back scams:

Call back scams are quite tricky; the scammers give a single ring and cut off, making you call them by arousing your curiosity that who has called and from where. If you give a back call to these strange friends, they will use this opportunity; get your personal and financial details as soon as possible by making good rapport with you in a short span of time.

The only way to avoid calling scams is keeping your mind trained in such way to cut the conversation, if the call is unnecessary to you. This way, you are much protected from this phone scams that called on for a serious view.
call back scam

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