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Misleading Advertisement Scams

Individuals or companies those who are corresponding everyday through the branded mails should be very careful while replying to the spam mails or mails that are quite unique from the normal ones. These mails might be from the professional scammers who are planning to loot hundreds of dollars from your savings account. In the recent past the scammers those who are operating from many parts of the world send texts or mails to hundreds of innocent people stating that the recipient has won several hundred dollars in the lottery draw and request the mail recipients to deposit huge sum in their account. Few people will innocently deposit
the amount in the scammers account and wait for the lottery money.The scammers will runaway with the deposited amount and will stop corresponding with the innocent depositors. There is another type of scamming that is becoming famous which is none other than Misleading Advertising. Strictly it is not a scam but the methods adopted by the seller will be as that of a scammer. Misleading Advertising is becoming very common these days and startup firms follow these types of tactics to attract customers and increase their client base. The traders will have only handful of new products but will send mails to different people stating that they are selling the new products at very low prices with exceptional discounts. The innocent customers will open their company's website and order the product after making the payment.
Beware of Misleading Advertisement Scams
The product will never reach the customers' place and they will be left to lurch. The seller will announce lots of freebies while sending mails to the customers mailing address. The customers will purchase the products based on the eye catchy mails and wait for the freebies. But to their dismay they will never receive the freebies or other offers announced by the product manufacturer or seller. This type of advertising is also called as bait advertisement. The customers those who are planning to purchase a product should be thoroughly convinced about the reputation of the company and the quality of the product and should not make the payment before exploring the authenticity of the company.

Hundreds of customers have already fallen prey to these types of advertisements and lost millions of dollars. The customers should immediately report these types of scams to the authorities concerned and wait for their report. There are lots of federal laws that are governing contract of sale and the scammers should be bought to books immediately. As per the contract of sale the producer or seller should be very honest and follow high morale while dealing with the clients. They should clearly define the products that are manufactured by them, the actual discounts and other such important details openly to them. The customers should thoroughly examine the logo, brand name, quantity, quality, ingredients, expiry date, side-effects and other such intricate details before purchasing the products. The company on the other hand should clearly mention the promotional offers and other special discounts to the public and it should not be misleading at any cost.

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