Scammer Nepomuceno Matallana 

Fraudster Nepomuceno Matallana 


Name: Nepomuceno Matallana
Other Name: Doctor Mata,The Murderous Tinterillo
Born: 1891
whether Dead or Alive: 1960
Age: 0
Country: American
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges:
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 24 years imprisonment
Known For:

Description :

Nepomuceno Matallana

Nepomuceno Matallana is a Columbian murderer and a fraudster. Matallana , aka Dr. Mata was accused of murder in the year 1948 which sounded absurd to the fellows of Bogot√° at that time. Mata was trailed for the murder of Alferedo Fonero Vanegas, a wealthy merchant looking for business in Columbia.

Mata being a skilled scammer who hired a big shot lawyer and made the victims sign off their wealth to him for securities and later killed them on the process but never got caught for any of them except the case of Vanegas. “In the case of Vanegas, Mata's friend and his partner in crime betrayed him for a meal with chicken froth”. Mata sentenced to 24 years of imprisonment, the highest ever imprisonment in Columbia.

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