Scammer Gerald Barnbaum 

Fraudster Gerald Barnbaum 


Name: Gerald Barnbaum
Other Name: Gerald Barnes, Jerold C. Barnes, Jerald C. Barnes, Gerald Charles Barnes
Born: 1933
whether Dead or Alive: 2018
Age: 84
Country: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Former pharmacist
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges: Fraud, Identity Theft, Manslaughter, Escaping Custody
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 12.5 years in federal prison
Known For:

Description :

Gerald Barnbaum

Gerald Barnbaum is a fine actor who lived half of his life as Dr. Gerald Barnes, a renowned physician in America. “You are better to be a doctor” is the compliment he received from the colleagues and patients of Pharmacist Gerald Barnbaum; but fraudster suits Gerald better than a doctor. In the year 1976, after moving to California from Illinois for being accused of medical forgery, Gerald changed his surname Barnbaum to Barnes and began his life as a scammer. He imposed himself as Dr.Gerald Barnes with fake certificates and got a job as physicianin a facility where he mistreated a high blood sugar patient, leading to their death; this made Gerald to step inside the judiciary.

He was ripped off for his fraud and manslaughter for which he pleaded guilty and got a reduced sentence of 3years. After the sentence in 1984, he started from where he left and applied again as Dr. Gerald Barnes, but this time caught red handed by the real Dr. Gerald Barnes’s tip to the police, for which he was sentenced to 3 years. Later in the year 1989, he initiated his next fraud by taking up the identity of pharmacist Donald Barnes, for which he was found out and was charged. Later he changed his scamming techniques and worked for more than 4 years in various medical facilities and labs, even examining an FBI officer along the way just like a mouse mocking a cat but at last was caught in the year 1995 and was sentenced to prison.

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