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Vanity Publisher Scams

The Scammers Steal the Publishers Money :

who are planning to recruit vanity publishers should exercise lots of caution during the process. They have to check the reputation of the vanity publishers, the books that are published by them, head quarters and branches of the publishers. They have to be extremely patient while scouting these types of publishers and the authors can also visit the office of publisher directly. But the scammers can even open a fake office to trick the customers. In the past, hundreds of authors have The famous authors those who have gained huge popularity and
Beware of Vanity Publisher scams
reputation by writing fictional stories generally approach famous commercial publication houses for publishing their written works.These famous commercial publication houses will modify, edit and alter the author's work and publish the book after they get a final approval from the author. But the authors those who are not that popular approach the vanity publishing houses for publishing the books they have authored. In this concept, the author pays a huge amount to the publisher for publishing his works. The author may be compelled to bear the loss when the books are not selling as expected. The premium charged by the vanity publishers will be very high compared to normal publishers in the market. This concept is becoming very famous and many writers and authors approach Vanity publishers for publishing their new books. The scammers will pose like a vanity publishers and approach the authors over the phone or through mail. When the authors request them to provide a cheap quote these tricky and intelligent scammers will work out an attractive imaginary quotation and send it to the authors mailing address.
The quote will look like an original one and the author will believe it and pay a huge amount of deposit in the scammer's bank account. After receiving the amount they will never contact the author in the future. The innocent authors will be sending reminder mails and will try to contact the phone number that is provided by the scammers. To their dismay they will not get any replies from the scammers. At last the authors will lose the hope and chose some other publishers. These types of scamming are steadily increasing since hundreds of amateur authors are searching for vanity publishers on the internet. The authors will innocently fall into the network of these scammers and lose heavy amount during the deal. There authors lost millions of dollars to these types of scammers those who have posed as a vanity publishers. The authors should think intelligently and wisely before handing over the task to the scammers. If the author is not completely happy with the inputs given by the publisher at the type of assigning the task they can choose to pay a small amount as a token of advance. So, the loss will not be very heavy. The authors those who are cheated by these types of scammers should approach the police authorities or cyber crime cell immediately so that other authors will play their game safely.

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