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Hi guys, I didn't know this website actually existed but I have actually been caught twice now for scams regarding money, so I will send you what I have from this one particular person the other two I can't remember who it was so I have no details left of them anymore, this one I am reporting here who nearly caught me again, you will find all of the pictures that she had sent to me and all of the messages that she has sent as well. I may not be able to send everything in one go but I will try otherwise it will be in two different emails.thank you guys for having such a good website. Scammer details
- Philip.

I was searching for a best website to escalate my scamming mail that I received from one of the scammers operating from a distant place. I was very impressed with your tools and methods of handling the scams. I copied my mail and pasted in one of the tool boxes and understood the fact that the scammer who has sent me mail has also sent several mails to various people with the same words. Keep up the good work.
- Chris

When I was searching some websites related to products in popular search engines, I accidentally came across your website which informed me about the scamming activities of cyber criminals. I was startled to note that hundreds of people have lost thousands of dollars this network of criminals. Good work, keep it up.
- Joe

I have heard about scamming activities on the internet and also received few mails from the scamming world which I have not replied. When I was searching articles and posts related to scams I saw your website and noted the contents. Thanks for providing valuable information which will be of much use to the world at large.
- Martin stephen

I often receive a mail from a girl stating that she is going to help the poor people and needs money to start a charity trust. When I read the articles related to charity scams on your website I was awestruck. I stopped sending money after reading the useful contents that you have posted on your website. Good work. Keep it up.
- Roma

I recently got a call from a woman stating that she is lending loans at extremely low rates and asked me to pay upfront fees for processing the request. I thought she must be a scammer and choose your website for reading contents related to scams. After reading the scams related to loans I decided not to pay the processing fees. I am happy with your website and thanks for your updates.
- David