Scammer Mary Carleton 

Fraudster Mary Carleton 


Name: Mary Carleton
Other Name: Mary Stedman
Born: 1642
whether Dead or Alive: 1673
Age: 30
Country: English
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges: Returning from penal transportation
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: Death penalty
Known For: Marriage Fraud

Description :

Mary Carleton

Mary Carleton is an infamous female fraudster from 16th century England who was well known for her notorious marriage frauds. She was married to a shoemaker in her early twenties. She was dissatisfied with her married life with the shoemaker and his poor household. She left him after two years and met a wealthy surgeon whom she scammed for marriage and looted all his wealth.She then returned to England imposing as a German Princess who ran away from her suitor and opened up her marriage fraud account by marrying John Carleton, a wealthy noble. John Carleton found the truth about Mary and accused her in the court where Mary defended her way out of the accusation. She then acted in plays and married one of her followers and thus looting his wealth, as usual.

She continued her fraudulent schemes with the help of her maid. She scammed many suitors by letting them receive a scam letter which promised a huge wealth from her father. She was described as a beautiful young lady by her victims. She swindled off many nobles by portraying herself as a virgin noble, searching for a suitor. She was later caught for her frauds and executed on public at the age of 30.

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