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Moving Scams

A moving scam is a trick by a moving organization in which the organization gives an appraisal, stacks the products, and after that expresses a much higher cost to convey the merchandise, successfully holding the merchandise as lien.

There are numerous renditions to the moving scam, however the essential trick starts with a prospective customer reaching a moving organization and asking for an expense gauge. In today's market this regularly happens online by means of moving registries, intermediaries, or telephone calls.

These moving dealers are sales representatives inclined to citing now and then low, however generally sensible costs with no space for the movers to give a quality administration.

Moving Scam
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Moving scam

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According to the U.S department of transportation, there are more than 35 million moves occurring every single year. With such a huge number of moves involving the help of moving companies, there are huge chances of scam moving companies being involved in this process. As per the list of scam types reported, it is noted that there is no niche left untouched by scammers. Moving is another prospective niche to scammers that open up opportunities for them to find their targets.
Not every moving company is legitimate. There are a huge number of scam moving companies that approach few among the 35 million movers every year. They appear to be legitimate and target families that require moving from one home to another.
We have compiled a list of several reliable online scam fighting agencies to help you keep up to date on current and past moving alert scams and its types.

Majority of the moves happening are made without any problems, but there are a number of complaints which are being registered against moving companies. In the recent past, the number of complaints against moving companies has increased steadily. Companies trick the target by giving unrealistic offers and express a much higher cost, holding the merchandise as linen. The moving scam companies approach the target by means of emails, telephone calls, moving registries etc.
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Moving scam

Common claims by moving scam companies:

The famous bait and switch moving scam claim:

The most common claim that moving scam companies make is the lowest price quotation that appears to be too good to be true to the user. The scam company then smartly raises the budget when it is too late for the mover to back out. Such a scam strategy is popularly known as the bait and switch scam strategy.

The hostage situation demand:

The hostage situation demand is made in the last moment situation, just when the belongings are to be de-loaded out of the truck. The moving scam company demands a huge sum of money which the user has to be in order to get back his belongings.

The Phantom delivery scam claim:

In such a claim, the moving company promises to deliver your stuff at a certain date. But on that date, there is no sign of the moving company, their claim or your belongings. Everything is vanished in thin air, the user being a subject of moving scam.

Moving is a tedious process. But it does not mean you can leave all the details in the hands of moving companies. You need to be informed at every single step while the responsibility of moving is given to a moving company.

The best way to be protected from moving scams is to be well informed about the moving company.
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Tips to know while moving:

  • No moving company makes the users sign a blank contract. Always ask for written documents. Every single thing related your move, be it costs, delivery date, everything should be in writing. This will act as a contractual document in case anything goes wrong.

  • Check all your belongings once the move is successfully made. You have only nine months to report damages that are made during the process of the move.

  • It is always a best practice to pay the company in credit card. By doing this, there is always a record maintained and in case of any issues the account details of the moving company can be verified.

  • Verify the moving company thoroughly before handing over the contract to them.

  • Follow up on every single step when the move process is going on. It is a good practice to be associated with the moving process even though it is being done by a moving company.

Signs that help users know that a moving company is scam:

   • A moving company that gives you an unseen estimate of your site is sure to be a scam. Legitimate moving companies do a thorough estimate of the "moving from: and moving to" places and has a quotation based on the weight and amount of belongings to be moved.

   • A moving company that is involved in closing the deal too soon without proper interrogation is a scam suspect company.

  • Popular and reliable moving companies usually accept payment upon delivery. Any moving company that insists on payment to be deposited before the move is generally in the list of warning signs.

   • There are many scam moving companies operating in similar names of popular and reliable moving companies. It is always a best practice to verify the company details before handing over the move contract to the moving company.

   • Scam moving companies generally ask of extra charges in the name of packing costs, delivery cost, etc. Make sure you clarify every cost that is associated with the moving process.

   • Companies that insist on cash payment are a suspect. A legitimate moving company never denies a payment made via credit.

A number of moving scams are occurring around. Victims of moving scams are posting their experiences online, making everyone aware of bogus companies that are scamming innocent users.
Moving scam

Tips on judging a moving company:

The owner of top rayed Movers USA Company advises users to meet the moving company in person. He says that there a lot of people operating from fake addresses. Scammers are sending email addresses from reputable company names by hacking the email accounts of popular moving companies.
Prospective Moving scam

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