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Registry Scams

Scammers Trick by Selling Imaginary Land

Internet has becoming an extremely popular place for socializing and communicating with vast number of people and millions of people browse different websites round the clock. Men, women, children and kids browse different types of websites and spend their time wisely. Though this mind blowing platform is used legally by many few perpetrators act illegally on various websites and swindle the money of the innocent people. Even people who are very careful while transacting business and financial transactions on the internet have lost millions of dollars to the scammers.
Scammers those who are operating from third world countries like Africa, Asia and Latin America act illegally on the internet and swindle the hard earned money of the public. Most of the scammers will send a mail which will look genuine and request the customer to open the mail and read it. After reading the tricky mail of the scammer the public will deposit a huge sum in scammers account. Scammer who is expected to reply to the public will run away with the money.
Presently one type of scam which is gaining maximum momentum and popularity is land scam. This is a high pressure sales scam and hundreds of people have fallen prey to it. Scams related to bride registries are becoming famous throughout the world. Scammers will make a call to the commoners and will inform that the "couples have 3 days and 2 night stay in Mexico or Cuba". Public will think that this is only a high pressure sales and show interest to deposit the money for taking part in a seminar. After depositing the amount they will never get any mails or calls from the scammer. Scammer will run away with the deposit money and will not reciprocate further.
It is imperative to note that Bridal registry will never call the customers or send a mail and cheat them. Scams with respect to wedding registry are also gaining popularity. Scammers will send a mail stating that they are selling used wedding dresses at down to earth price with lots of freebies. Women will fall prey to these types of scam and deposit an amount only to get cheated. Scams that are connected to select international is also making rounds in the world. Scammers will disguise themselves as tour operators and request the people to deposit the money. In the recent past the citizens of USA received hundreds of scams related to wedding, bridal and domain registration.
General public should showcase much caution when they receive mails or calls that are related to wedding or bridal since it may be scam mails sent by the perpetrators. Public should never open these types of scam mails and if they receive these types of mails they have to inform to cyber security or police. Public should adhere to the follow guidelines when they receive scamming mails.
Beware of Registry Scams

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