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Pharmacy Scams

Health fraud scams are everywhere, especially pharmacy con. Operating through websites or emails, they provide you with products without needing a prescription. Pharmacy scam operations websites appear to be out of compliance with state and federal laws; sometimes they imitate themselves to be associated with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. Read the red flags given below to decode these fake pharmacies. Don't put you and your family at risk by purchasing medicines from "not recommended sites". While the senior citizens and elderly were showing
Beware of Pharmacy scams
a sigh of relief for simplified medications purchase from online pharmacies, safety is still questionable. With a number of companies manufacturing medicinal drugs containing no active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) at all, investigation of pharmaceuticals purchased from counterfeit pharmacies on the internet revealed that the potency and efficacy of the delivered drug could fluctuate outrageously.
Pharmacy scam

Pharmacy scam

Red flags that a product's health claims are bogus

Always be on your guard and find out how to buy Prescription Drugs Safely over the Internet. Being aware of the following red flags is said to help:
  • You get an uncalled-for piece of mail offering discounted or hard-to-get pills or treatments. It's a red flag.
  • The website will sell you medications that you would more often than not need a prescription for, even if you don't have a prescription.
  • The pharmacy's professional looking website is based overseas with no contact details.
Violating the Can Spam Act, the growing list of Fake online pharmacies, also performs some of the additional illegal acts which include:

    • Copyright infringement
    • Falsification of doctor approval
    • Malware/intrusion
    • Money laundering
    • False advertising
    • Sale of non-FDA approved drugs
Fake on-line pharmacies

Why the number of pharmacies online is high?

It creates a favorable situation of never getting to meet their customers. With an overwhelming demand that's highly lucrative for such a service, these perpetrators who have no medical background trick you to pay for the drugs you will never take delivery of, or medicines that do not live up to their claims. The most pathetic thing is "customers" don't even realize they are prospective victims to an array of offenses and health hazards. Several drugs are produced in bulk in all parts of the world without the endorsement of FDA, so even with a proper medical prescription and diagnosis, the person buying pills online has no way of knowing what they are receiving in the delivery service, if he/she is placing an order from online pharmacy which is not referred by a certified general practitioner. These scam pharmacy sites being scrutinized by arm of the law involve the retailing of forged pharmaceuticals to purchasers.

If you think you have been scammed, providing account details to a scammer, speak to your bank or financial institution without any delay. Report scams to the FDA along with the details of the scam contact you received, for example, email or screenshot.
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