Scammer Hugo Schenk 

Fraudster Hugo Schenk 


Name: Hugo Schenk
Other Name: The Viennese Housemaids Killer
Born: 1849
whether Dead or Alive: 1884
Age: 35
Country: Swiss
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges:
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: Death
Known For:

Description :

Hugo Schenk

Hugo Schenk is a foxy fraudster and a serial killer who killed five house maids. Schenk with his wealthy background and handsome looks killed the house maids in their thirties who were working on wealthy households by luring them with the promise of marriage.

He uses his sugary lines and handsome looks to capture the hearts of his targets and asks their hands for marriage; when his target accepts, then he asks them to bring valuables from their house to see his sister for m`arriage approval; after the target comes with valuables, he made them board a train with a romantic spot as it's destination. After giving them a sweet talk, he raped them and killed them with the help of his accomplice; he drowned their bodies on the river, deep down with a stone. He had killed five victims in this same manner except for one victim whom he shot. “He and his accomplice was caught during his sixth act in the year 1884 and was executed.”

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