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Scammer Anna Sorokin 

Fraudster Anna Sorokin 


Name: Anna Sorokin
Other Name: Anna Delvey
Born: 1991
whether Dead or Alive:
Age: 30
Country: German
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges: Grand larceny, second-degree larceny, theft of services
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 4 to 12 years imprisonment, $24,000 fine, $199,000 restitution, deportation to Germany
Known For:

Description :

Anna Sorokin

Anna Sorokin is a fraudster who claimed her as a German heiress. She dreamt of opening an art studio in New York, for which she even gathered many visual artists for displaying their art works in the studio. She lacked the funds to open an art studio so she tried to speak with the people of rich society in Manhattan, which wasn’t fruitful. Then she posed herself as a German heiress and attended many parties of the rich society. She stayed on hotels with a fake wire transfer for the hotel payment.

“She pursued many banks for loans by scamming them with a fake Swiss bank statement, which showed it has $60 million in it”. She defrauded many individuals to pay her restaurant bill. She dropped fraud checks on banks and withdrew money before returning the checks. She was caught in the year 2017 for her check frauds, bank loan frauds and unpaid hotel and restaurant bills. She was sentenced to prison for four years and later got released in the year 2021.

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