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Scammer Alessandro Cagliostro 

Fraudster Alessandro Cagliostro 


Name: Alessandro Cagliostro
Other Name:
Born: 1743
whether Dead or Alive: 1795
Age: 52
Country: Italia
Occupation: adventurer and self-styled magician
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges:
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty:
Known For:

Description :

Alessandro Cagliostro

Alessandro Cagliostro is a fraudster who claims himself as a magician. He was born as Giuseppe Balsamo in the year 1747, into a poor household. He groomed himself into a fine young man with scamming skills.

He scammed wealthy merchants by offering protection to them from the demons and djnns who coveted their wealth. Later, he forged some official documents and letters, and made his way into the royal courts of Rome, Italy, England and France as Count Alessandro Cagliostro. He has fooled numerous aristocrats and merchants with his occult acts and has swindled a large amount of wealth.
He looted off innocent people’s wealth by posing as a miracle healer and a pharmacist. He also published his own books on magic and alchemy. He was later involved in a diamond necklace affair for which he was arrested from his wife’s tipping and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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