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Perfume Scam

Is perfume your last yet most completing accessory that you choose to wear? Does choosing not to wear perfume leave you incomplete? Come on here; try this newly launched perfume that smells the best and its fragrance spread faster than air. Sniff this bottle of perfume that is available at the best and cheapest price. This is what scammers are saying, and stopping innocent users at a mall or a car parking lot and are asking them to try a neat perfume that is available for a very cheap price.

Perfume scam

The users are generally asked to sniff a bottle of perfume or sniff a perfume paper strip that contains no neat perfume. Once the user sniffs the neat perfume given by the scammer, the user looses his/her consciousness. This happens because the scammer makes the user sniff "ether" In the name of neat perfume. The fraudster then robs all of the user's belongings from the victim and vanishes in thin air leaving no clue behind for the victim.

It is only when the victim gains back the consciousness; the user realizes what had actually happened. This fraudulent and illegal activity done by scammers is popularly known by the name "Perfume scam". Victims of perfume scam are constantly spreading awareness to other public by sending emails to their family and friends about perfume scam. Many scammers are trying to defend themselves by running websites that say that there is nothing called perfume scam and that this is a fake trend that is spread across to gain popularity.

But the reality is that, gangs of scammers are allegedly knocking down their victims by making them smell ether in the name of neat perfume. Innocent users who are not aware of such a scam trick of the scammer end up sniffing the bottle of perfume or the perfume strip dipped in ether. Perfume scam is also popular in the name of "knock out perfume scam".

Perfume scams involve deceptive practices related to the sale of counterfeit fragrances. Scammers may advertise fake or imitation perfumes, claiming authenticity and high quality. Online shopping scams are common, where fraudulent platforms offer discounted or exclusive perfumes but deliver substandard products. Scammers also impersonate well-known brands through fake websites or deceptive marketing. Consumers may receive unsolicited offers promising unbelievably low prices, often leading to fraudulent schemes. To avoid falling victim, buy from reputable sources, research online sellers, be skeptical of unrealistic prices, verify authenticity features, and steer clear of unsolicited offers, especially from unfamiliar sources. Vigilance is crucial to ensuring genuine and quality perfume purchases.

Perfume scam

Tips for users to beware of perfume scam:

  • Users should never sniff any bottle of perfume or perfume strip that is given at an irregular place. Perfume sellers never sell perfume in parking lots or malls. Legitimate perfume sellers sell their products at a decent store.
  • Scammers always target ladies who are spotted alone. Never stop, to talk to any stranger, especially when you are alone.
  • Always check for the authenticity of the product before considering the product.
  • Female scammers are generally involved in perfume scam; hence users who come across such situations need to handle with care.
Perfume scam

About perfume robbers

Fake products from China

Beware of perfume

Perfume scam is popular as a scammer's trick, but users need to beware that scammers can try to cheat you asking you to smell anything else in the name of the perfume. The only job of the scammer in perfume scam is to make the victim sniff a piece of paper. When the victim does that, it is all done for the scammer. The fraudster elopes with all the belongings that the victim holds.

Examples of emails that are spreading awareness about perfume scam:

The below screenshot is an example of an email that a victim of perfume scam. These victims are taking efforts to spread the word to all their near and dear ones about such hoax practices done by scammers.

Awareness about Perfume Scam
Below is another screenshot of a user who describes how she was made aware about perfume scam over the radio.

Perfume Scam Protection takes pride in protecting and making all the users aware of such spammy tricks done by the scammers.
Snatch and sniff is the popular crime that is on the rise. Scammers are making innocent consumers sniff ether in the name of perfume at parking lots to render unconsciousness to the victims. Once these victims sniff this perfume, they lose their consciousness and the scammer loots all the belongings of the victim. This is an old practice followed by the scammers at parking lots and shopping malls to target their victims.
Perfume Scam
The origin of perfume scam dates back to the early 1999 days. That was the time when the first instance of the perfume scam case happened. Since then there have been awareness and alert emails spread across all over to make the users aware of something called as perfume scam. The below screenshot describes a personal experience of a lady who was asked to sniff perfume at the parking lot of a mall. Luckily, she had received a mail warning about perfume scams and how they work. Scammers generally have female members in their gang who can approach other female victims easily. It is the assumption that women believe other women easily. Scammers take advantage of this and try to stop innocent victims to target them and loot their money.
Origin Of Perfume Scam
The below screen capture is a story of the woman who was perfume scammed by another woman. She lost $800 that she was carrying with herself. Many online websites are trying to save the scammers by trying to show perfume scam as a myth. But the hard truth is that there are scammers who are trying to take advantage of the victims in any possible way. Making the victim smell perfume by way of selling the product is the easiest way a scammer can think o loot the innocent victims. Perfume scams are not a myth and users need to be very careful when such offers are made at any unusual places like car parking lots or malls etc.
Hoax Perfume Scam

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