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Scammer Ruben Oskar Auervaara 

Fraudster Ruben Oskar Auervaara 


Name: Ruben Oskar Auervaara
Other Name:
Born: 1906
whether Dead or Alive: 1964
Age: 58
Country: Swiss
Occupation: serviceman
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges: Fraud, Identity Theft, Manslaughter, Escaping Custody
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 12.5 years in federal prison
Known For:

Description :

Ruben Oskar Auervaara

Ruben Oskar Auervaara is a Finnish con man and a fraudster from the 1940s who scammed many women by promising them marriage. Auervaara, being a petty thief plotted a sneaky scam to deceit women who were seeking for a marriage partner. He used his photographer friend to forge various identities and used his charm to deceive women from wealthy household by giving them fake marriage promises.

He acted as a shy man who is afraid of women and gained the hearts of the women he met and looted their wealth. He was arrested for his fraud and was sentenced to jail where he was examined to be a psychopath with personality disorder. He tried to escape the prison three times but all ended in vain. A Finnish term called 'Auervaara' went down the streets to mention the charming deceits.

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