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Did you come across a website asking you your personal details? Check the legitimacy of the website using the scam website checker tool

There are many fake websites that are operating in the World Wide Web, which are run by professional scammers. The ultimate aim of creating fake websites is the access the personal information of the users. Scammers run phishing scam by creating appearing to be legitimate bank websites. Scammers send out emails to the victims, posing to be from the person's bank. They send the phishing email which involves a fake link to be clicked from the email. Once the user clicks on the fake link, the user is redirected to a fake website that is almost a replica of the original website. The scammer then asks the user to enter the personal information such as credit card number and so on. Innocent users who are not able to differentiate between a fake website and a legitimate website often end up losing their personal information on such fake websites.

These fraudsters also run many fake charity websites, fake lottery company websites, fake bank websites, and fake business websites and so on. The ultimate aim is create an online professional presence that will make their target victims believe in them and build a trust factor.

If you come across any such website that you are redirected to, or referred to, you may check the website domain name or URL using the scam website checker tool. This tool will check the entered website name with the list of scam websites present in our database. We keep an updated list of reported scam websites that are run by these fraudsters. The scam website checker tool is free to use and user friendly. All you have to do is to enter the website name and press the 'Go' button. Before entering any personal details in a website that looks suspicious, it is always advisable to check the website for legitimacy. As once the details are entered, no one can rescue from the scammers hands. Use the free scam website checker tool and avoid getting scammed.

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