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Unsolicited Goods Scams

The Customer Cannot Retrieve the Money

Betting and gambling is gaining extreme popularity on the internet and illegal gamblers are swindling millions of dollars from the innocent customers. The scammers will design a mind blowing website which will have online casino games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack and other such games. Everything will look professional on this website and the players will deposit the money innocently for playing the games. After they make the payment they will not be able to play any types of games since the operators will runaway with the customers' money. The rich people will not be bothered much about the loss but the commoners will face lots of hardship when they lose money to these scammers.

The scammers are thinking differently and try to cheat the customers in different manner. The latest scamming activity that is becoming popular and famous is unsolicited goods scamming. Though it is not literally scamming the activities of the sellers will look like scamming. The sellers will take the liberty of dispatching the goods that are not ordered by the customers. The seller will order the customer to pay the amount when it reaches the customer's premises. The innocent customer will be confused when unwanted or unsolicited goods arrive to his place. Though the seller will not do this with an illegal motive the idea will be nothing but brand building. The customers should not open the goods or products as soon as it reaches their house and should keep it safely in a proper place. The customer should not sign the delivery note when he receives these types of unsolicited goods. This form of sales promotion is gaining momentum and hundreds of people all over the world have receives these types of goods that were not ordered by them.
Unsoliciated goods scams
The customers should show maximum caution when they receive books, magazines, tapes, DVDs, CDs and other publications. At times the delivery note will insist you to pay certain amount of money. Do not pay any amount and return the goods immediately through the delivery person. The customers who are receiving these types of unsolicited goods or products should immediately write to the concerned authority or cybercrime. You cannot exercise any control over the goods that are delivered to your premises. But if there is no communication from the seller the receiver of the goods can own the products delivered. If the seller is insisting you to pay the amount for unsolicited goods it automatically comes under criminal offense. The customer can also sue the seller if they received unsolicited goods through a criminal lawyer. The seller will deliver certain goods wrongly to your place due to typographical error in the address slip. This is not unsolicited goods. There are lots of rules and regulations that are connected with unsolicited goods. The customers should endeavor to get maximum information from various websites before handing over the goods to the sellers. If the seller is demanding for the goods that you have not ordered is definitely illegal. You can call the seller of the product immediately and raise a complaint. It is better if you write verbally to these types of companies since you will have written proof.

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