Scammer Frederick Emerson Peters 

Fraudster Frederick Emerson Peters 


Name: Frederick Emerson Peters
Other Name:
Born: 1885
whether Dead or Alive: 1959
Age: 73
Country: West Salem, Ohio
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges:
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty:
Known For:

Description :

Frederick Emerson Peters

Frederick Emerson Peters is scammer who used phony checks for his living and purchases.  He inked the checks with the names of well known figures and rounded the check amounts, thus making his victims both happy and proud. He targeted small businesses. His scams worked in 1900s because of the absence of mass media and communication in those times.

He was arrested in the year 1915 for his scams and sentenced to10 years in jail”. In jail, he took in charge of prison library and honed his skills. After his release he took his fraudster job from where left and impersonated himself as multiple personalities such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Booth Tarkington and more. He was captured again by the FBI in the year1952 for his scams and was sentenced.

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