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Scammer Alves dos Reis 

Fraudster Alves dos Reis 


Name: Alves dos Reis
Other Name: Artur Virglio Alves Reis
Born: 1896
whether Dead or Alive: 1955
Age: 58
Country: Portugal
Occupation: Fraud consultant
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges: Fraud
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 2 years
Known For: Bank fraud

Description :

Alves dos Reis

Alves dos Reis is an outrageous Portuguese fraudster who was the mastermind behind 'The Portuguese notes scam' in the year 1924. Reis was humiliated by his wealthy in-laws for social indifference between him and his wife; due to this he fled to Angola in the year 1916 with a fake engineering degree certificate from the Oxford University with the subjects of almost everything in engineering. He was granted the role of railway supervisor in the Angolan railway. Reis with his high ambitions couldn't able to continue as a supervisor since he tried a little game of stocks by filling the blank check of Angolan railways.

He was later convicted in the year 1924 for his check fraud but was released by stating him as the victim of criminal conspiracy. The time he spent in the prison gave his mind a despicable plan of printing 500 escudo notes from the Bank of Portugal. After released from the prison he expressed his nefarious plan to his accomplices who wanted his plan in action. Reis as the master forger scammed the Waterloo and Sons bank to print 580,000 count 500 escudo notes by sending false letters from the Bank of Portugal. The plan was a success. Reis with his share opened his own bank and gave loans with cheapest interests in order to revolve the notes inside the economy; he sailed smooth until the media turned their heads towards him about his overnight spotlight. He was convicted of bank fraudin the year 1925 and was trialed for 5 years till he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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